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In this week's Top Topics, we feature a debate about the ethics of staying quiet when a newer investor spends thousands of dollars on poor quality domains. Elsewhere, a domainer has shared a list of the five thousand most popular prefixes and suffixes, and someone asks the community for advice on a four-figure offer.

I Received an Offer for $3,600. Should I Accept?

An investor has asked the community to make a decision on whether they should accept an offer for a domain name. The domain, with a Somalian .SO extension, received an offer via for $3,600. While the decision to accept an offer or not is usually one taken in private perhaps after some long consideration, this investor has thrown open the judgment to the public.

What would you do with a $3,600 offer for a .SO domain name considering the largest .SO domain at NameBio is just $5,000?

Topic by: @Swedomains

How to Double Your Capital in 6 Months

Capital, your assets, available funds, or cash in hand, is something that is advantageous to build as an investor. This domainer has asked other investors to share their advice on how to double your capital within six months by only investing in domain names.

Thankfully, tens of investors have offered advice on potential strategies to double your capital by domaining. How would you go about doing it?

Topic by: @Haroon Basha

Are You Ready For an Explosion in Domain Sales?

Significant actions usually have significant consequences that create ripples that affect a wide variety of people and businesses. After President Trump's very public damning of Twitter, brands may be starting to become nervous about the prospect of closer scrutiny of social media platforms from governments around the world.

Does this mean a rush to get content away from social media, and back on to domain names where the individual has complete ownership of the content rather than being at the mercy of social media companies?

Topic by: @Ategy

The 5,000 Most Frequently Used Suffixes and Prefixes

Have you ever noticed that some companies, especially startups with relatively little funding, use prefixes or suffixes if they can't acquire their exact brand-match domain? Prefixes may include My+Company (such as and suffixes may include Company (such as

Here, an investor has shared a list that contains five thousand of the most popular prefixes and suffixes used by companies. This list comes from an analysis of over fifty million domain names.

Topic by: @Rich

Should Investors Stay Quiet on New Domainer Registrations?

As domain investors, we have all been guilty at some point in time of registering a simply terrible domain with no redeeming qualities. It seems to be a trait that is common in most newer investors who perhaps haven't ascertained the common values that most "good" domain names share.

As a community of domainers, is it ethical for us to stay quiet as an investor spends potentially thousands of dollars on domains that a minute chance of selling? This has become one of the most discussed Top Topics of the week.

Topic by: @DomainGist

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What most surprised me about the top 5000 prefixes and suffixes list when I glanced through it, is that there do not appear to be any numbers in that list - and please correct me if I have overlooked this somewhere.
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