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It's time for the weekly Top Topics review here at NamePros! :)

Microsoft grabs; Invest $4,500 in my idea; Is the evaluation really real? Winning auction against an auto-bidder; What would you do in this situation?

Microsoft - (super intelligence)
It's the debate of the week at NamePros, after Microsoft appears to have acquired the domain Many domain investors are psyched that the Slovenian ccTLD .si is fresh ground for new registrations as an acronym for "super intelligence." Microsoft currently forwards the domain to a Copilot landing page in French. Share your view of what such an acquisition really means.

Topic by @Lox

I need a partner that will invest $4500 in registering my portfolio and make money
A domain investor is seeking a partner that'd pay up almost $5k to register 600 available domains that they came up with. A novel approach, for sure, as the investor would be risking this capital for 50% of the earnings. How good could these available domains be? Join the discussion and share your opinion.

Topic by @Fryo4life

Is the evaluation really real?
Listing a domain for sale at NameCheap with a $500,000 asking price better be justifiable. In this thread, a domain investor questions that very valuation, without disclosing the domain at first. Read about other NP members' reactions once the domain name is disclosed!

Topic by @LangMaster

Winning auction against an auto-bidder
What would be the best approach to win a domain auction? The obvious answer to this question is to keep bidding until you win the auction. It might be less costly to do so, however, as other investors chime in with their strategy regarding automatic bids.

Topic by @Molly M.

What would you do in this situation?
Domain investors are also people who might run into a rough patch in life. Needing cash all while one is in possession of a premium asset can be one such moment. The question posed in this thread is whether one would liquidate such a premium asset for considerably less. Read what domain investors would do in this scenario.

Topic by @jtmac

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