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Ryan Ewen - Ask Me Anything; GoDaddy privacy drama; sold for $100k; Dan & Afternic VAT collection drama; How I'm using

Ryan Ewen - Ask Me Anything
The founder of several British businesses recently acquired the DNWE marketplace and he's having an AMA session for everyone to join in. Find out how a domain industry professional leverages their active projects by joining the discussion.

Topic by @RyanEwen

Godaddy's privacy protection drama
Changing DNS settings at GoDaddy requires an authorization by the account owner. It seems that there is a limit to the number of successful times someone can authorize such changes per week. This limitation interferes with the right of account owners to modify their account and domain settings whenever they see fit. Find out what are the repercussions and potential solutions to this problem at GoDaddy.

Topic by @Domain Pro Seller sold today for a little over $100,000
The domain name was reported as sold recently, for just over $100,000 dollars, according to NameBio. It seems that an active business was the seller but who might have been the buyer? Join the discussion and share your thoughts.

Topic by @Armageddon

Dan / Afternic IRS trouble - who has to collect VAT ?
A France-based domain investor is having some issues with the French IRS regarding the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT.) The latter is required to be collected on all transactions and submitted to the government. As Dan and Afternic operate as middle-men, how can this be achieved? Join the discussion for an analysis of what's happening in European Union countries.

Topic by @davidc1

How I'm using
DomainLeads is a recently launched online tool allowing its users to research more than 330 million registered domain names, using several functions. Elliot Silver explains how he uses this super useful tool to achieve his domain investing goals.

Topic by @News

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Hello @Acroplex - quick correction please- Godaddy's privacy protection drama- is not a topic by me! I just commented there :)
Sorry about that, now fixed.
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