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Hello Bob,
I'm reading your all articles and these are very helpful, and you're the one who making domaining more professional and your contribution for the industry is making easy for newbies to understand the domains business.
Just updated my username to my real name. Formerly gslevel on this forum.
Beginner domainer hoping to score a good domain
Tech-Terms of the year:

Copilot, AI, LLM (large language model)
AR, VR, Holo, Mixed Reality, Headset, Glasses, immersive, spatial, computation
Digital Twin(s)
web3, ordinals, nfts, bitcoin, wallet, tokens, e-currencies
(brc20, brc30, brc721)
Andreas B.
Andreas B.
web3/mv capitals:
Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai, HongHong

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unable to send you a private message in regard to indexarticles.com get in touch with me if you are interested in making an offer Thanks! :)