information Top Topics: NPs lander scores $75k sale; Sedo sale reversed; sold for $100k; Runna founder lessons on acquisitions; NameFind auction results

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NamePros lander helps investor score a $75k sale; Sedo transaction reversed 4 days later; sold for $100k; founder reveals negotiation strategy; GoDaddy's NameFind auction results.

The backstory of selling a domain for $75K less a month after acquiring it using Namepros Parking
Bohdan from Ukraine has scored an amazing sale of a domain he acquired weeks prior, by using a NamePros lander to achieve this amazing feat. Find out more details and solid advice from the seller himself in this popular thread.

Topic by @Bohdan

Won domain in recent Sedo auction, made payment, transaction cancelled 4 days later
A domain investor who won and paid for an auction at Sedo, saw his transaction get canceled 4 days later. Read more about the surprising reason why this seemingly easy transaction failed to complete.

Topic by @vwblubug Was Acquired By Brett Adcock For $100,000 USD
Brett Adcock is a serial entrepreneur who revealed several of his domain acquisitions in a podcast. These include the domain that was acquired by Adcock for $100,000 dollars. Join the discussion to find out about additional domains and other interesting details.

Topic by @silentg Founder Reveals Domain Name Negotiations
Another solid testimonial from a company's co-founder; the purchase of is shared among other interesting details on the underlying negotiations. Expert sleuthing by Robbie!

Topic by @Robbie

GoDaddy's NameFind Domain Auction Results: For $30,500 & More Sales
The week long auction by NameFind saw hundreds of well-kept domains being auctioned. More than 200 were sold successfully, in a summer extravaganza that scored about $600k in sales.

Topic by @silentg

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