information Top Topics: Got a call from ICANN; Dynadot verification & super high appraisals; Registrars of choice in 2024; A case of Domain Binging!

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Got a phone call from ICANN; Dynadot: Ownership verification & high appraisals questions; Good registrars to use in 2024; Domain binging has happened.

A phone call from Dorris Lee at ICANN
It's not every day that domain registrants receive a call from ICANN; An investor was contacted by phone from a "Dorris Lee" from ICANN who asked him some interesting question. Was it a real call, a prank, or a scam? Find out by reading this thread.

Topic by @lknights1987

Dynadot’s Ridiculous Ownership Verification
Dynadot customers are finding out that it's not just GoDaddy that has a weak domain marketplace verification. The verification process appears to be a "first to list is the owner" type of approach, which complicates things when disputed. Share your thoughts about how can this be improved.

Topic by @789.xyz

DynaDot automated appraisals really high vs all of the others out there — why?
Most domain investors complain when automated appraisals provide a low valuation but in this case, a Dynadot customer has come to the conclusion that the platform's valuation tools provide super-optimistic numbers! Learn about the experiences of other domain investors.

Topic by @Molly M.

Good Registrars to use in 2024?
Domain registrars that are both reliable and affordable will always remain popular among investors. This combination of features often shifts from one registrar to another. Find out which registrars are recommended by fellow domainers in this interesting thread.

Topic by @Studio99

Domain binge happened
There are times when for reasons unknown, domain investors embark on the so-called "domain binge" crusade. The end result: dozens or even hundreds of hand-registrations of domains which may or may not end up getting unsold and not renewed. Many investors blame the news or particular trends for this type of activity, so what is your approach to spending your money on domains?

Topic by @BaileyUK

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