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In this week's Top Topics, a six-figure sale from 2015 is uncovered thanks to some details that were found in an SEC filing. We also take a look at Mike Mann's $1 investment that netted him $58,000, and an investor struggles with outbound sales. Elsewhere, domainers are encouraged to share their favorite keywords for domains, and have you ever used live chat on your landing pages? Reportedly Sold in 2015 for $385,000

This past week, George Kirikos has been busy uncovering previously unreported domain sales thanks to a new search function at the SEC, allowing a deeper dive into company SEC filings. Often, company SEC filings can reveal data on acquisitions and sales that wouldn't otherwise be available to the public. I, for example, uncovered the $1.3 million sale of this week.

George's latest find involves a $385,000 domain acquisition for a name that, at first, wasn't clear. After some sleuthing from George, the domain appears to be, a name currently used for a car marketplace.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

Mike Mann's $1 Investment Got Him $58,000 founder Mike Mann regularly posts his company's domain sales on Twitter. Recently, a deal that caught the eye was that of for $58,000. The name will rank as the largest publicly-disclosed .CO domain sale of 2020, beating the previous incumbent by $27,000.

DomainGang, published by @Acroplex, revealed that Mike's acquisition cost for was $1 thanks to some smart business before the .CO extension was available to the general public ten years ago.

With all mentions of Mike Mann's sales, it's always important to clarify that Mike owns around 300,000 domain names, so he needs regular five and six-figure sales to pay for the portfolio's renewal fees every year.

Topic by: @Acroplex

Outbound Is Tricky. I Wasted 3 Hours

Performing outbound sales can be a productive means of creating cash flow from your domain names without having to wait for a suitable offer to come to you. However, it's not easy to do effectively.

In this discussion, an investor describes the recent plight of trying to conduct outbound sales. Despite offering an attractive price for their domain to these end-users, zero out of twenty prospects were interested. The domainer has asked for some tips and tricks to become a better domain marketer.

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

What Are Your Favorite Keywords?

The difference between a good and a bad domain name can, in some cases, be down to the domain's keywords and the combination of those keywords. Some keywords, suffixes, and prefixes may appeal to a broader pool of potential buyers than others.

Here, an investor has asked other domainers to submit a list of their personal top ten favorite keywords for domains. Some popular keywords so far include solutions, media, and shop.

Topic by: @TauseefKhan

Live Chat on Landing Pages: A Better Conversion Rate?

In recent years, there have been plenty of innovations when it comes to domain name landing pages. Clean designs from the likes of DAN and Efty, along with direct integrations with services such as, have left investors with some high quality, easy-to-implement options for landing pages.

There are still some additions that some domainers may want to add, however. In this discussion, an investor has asked for opinions on whether adding a live chat option to a landing page may help with the overall sales conversion rates. Have you tried a live chat option on your landing pages? Did you notice any positive changes?

Topic by: @bazabizo

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Nice collection of topics, @James Iles . I hope more will contribute their choices for top keywords, although already some excellent posts in that thread. Also, in the new thread on whether chat helps your landers, hope we will hear from more who have tried it.
Thanks again for great curation of results.
Thanks, James. Mike's portfolio has dropped in numbers by 16% since he dropped almost 50k domains recently. So it's closer to 250k.