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Looking for action-packed domaining; Open.Network Sold for $100,000 USD; Best option for LTO/Lease with recurring payments; CEO: Namecheap “Most Likely” to Exit Afternic Network; Fire.co Sold For $52,000 USD By Doron Vermaat.

Looking for action-packed domaining
Are you addicted to domain investing? If so, welcome to the club! Take a peek at what some domain name addicts are saying about the best places to get their groove on and how they tame their domain addiction. Roll up your sleeves and dive into this conversation to get your next fix.

Topic by @Molly M.

Best option for LTO/Lease with recurring payments...
What say you? When it comes to leasing one of your domain name assets, what is the best lease-to-own option you have come across? Take a look at some of the LTO (Lease To Own) options other domain name investors are using and share some of your favorite ones, too.

Topic by @Recons.Com

Open.Network Sold for $100,000 USD
Many domain investors focus on the quick flip aspect of turning a profit on a domain name; however, that's generally not how most make the biggest ROI (Return On Investment). Take a look at this sales report for Open.network that sold for $100,000.00 USD after a ten-year long-hold. What do you think about it?

Topic by @silentg

CEO: Namecheap “Most Likely” to Exit Afternic Network
This was some interesting news that came out of the left field unexpectedly. What do you think the future holds if NameCheap leaves the Afternic network? Will the dynamics change anything, or do you think everything will remain the same? It appears that some domain name investors have different opinions on the matter, ranging from "Same stuff, different day" to "The sky is falling.” What side of the fence do you land on?

Topic by @News

Fire.co Sold For $52,000 USD By Doron Vermaat
Are you a .co ccTLD (Country-Code Top-Level Domain) investor? If so, this could be a great motivational sales report for you. Take a look at how Fire.co sold for a whopping $52,000.00 USD and what other .co domain investors are saying about it. Jump into the conversation and share your own views.

Topic by @silentg

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Some really big and important news this week, and of course NamesCon happening too.
Thanks for the superb rundown, @Eric Lyon!

I was just thinking .co was quieting down, then the big $50k sale by Doron.

Open .network is such a beautiful combination across the dot.

Obviously if there is a major change in Afternic FT will be a big impact. I guess we will know before long, or if part of tough negotiations between the companies.

Thanks again.

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