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By James Iles, Oct 6, 2017
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    In 2016, we published an interview with ViSalus CEO Ryan Blair who told us why he purchased and for a combined total of $825,000. Now, however, it looks as though those two domain names may have been put up for sale.

    Domain Assets managing partner John Mauriello posted a "for sale" notice for both and on the NamePros Marketplace, prompting interested parties to get in touch.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    My Mistakes in Domaining

    The majority of successful domain investors have made their fair share of mistakes in the past. In a 2014 Domain Sherpa interview, Andrew Rosener of Media Options revealed that he initially lost around $300,000 via domain investing.

    In this discussion, a domain investor tells the community about four mistakes they made through domain investing that ultimately lead to poor budget management and a lack of planning for reinvestment.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Are New Domain Extensions Affecting .COM Prices?

    New domain extensions (new gTLD's) have been in existence for several years, with some of the more popular extensions being .XYZ and .CLUB, thanks largely to well-planned marketing campaigns.

    But how do those new gTLD's correlate to .COM domains? Are the prices of .COM domains being affected by the availability of new extensions? Domainer @Isac argues that there is a decline in demand and price for .COM domains thanks to new domain extensions. Do you agree?

    Topic by: @Isac

    How Do I Respond to This Inquiry?

    After registering an emerging technology .COM domain name last month, this domain investor received an email inquiry asking whether the domain is for sale.

    Having remarked that the inquiry seems to have characteristics of a mass-email, the domainer has asked the community for opinions on how to respond.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Sedo: Counteroffer Versus Auction

    Popular domain name marketplace Sedo regularly reports five and six-figure sales thanks to a combination of auction and counteroffer sales. After receiving an offer via Sedo, domain owners have the option to make a counteroffer or send the name to auction.

    Which is the more profitable approach in general?

    Topic by: @Alex2017

    Bonus: Play Golf at the MERGE! Conference

    If you are attending the MERGE! show in Orlando, FL from October 14th - 18th, you may be interested to know that Payoneer director Brandon Abbey is inviting attendees to play golf at the show's resort on Sunday, October 15th from 1:30pm.

    Topic by: @Brandon Abbey

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    Thanks! Who will I see at Merge ?
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