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Happy April with a fresh round of Top Topics here at NamePros!

You're not a real domain investor without a few thousand domain names; Which service will become the next Dan.com? OpenAI filed a UDRP against the domain ChatGPT.com; Lessons learned about liquidating domain names; The domain Chat.com was acquired for an insane amount by the Hubspot CEO.

I am at 27,000 now, how many domains in your "keeper" portfolio?
Are you really a domain investor with only a handful of domains? Not this guy, who just counted 27,000 domain names in his portfolio. Find out what he does with them and share your own "keeper" portfolio number.

Topic by @Recons.Com

The next DAN.com
GoDaddy acquired Dan.com and has been transforming the marketplace into an extension of Afternic. This creates an opportunity for a new company to fill the void, launching an independent platform for domain investors. Domainers are discussing the odds of this happening.

Topic by @scithe

OpenAi Files UDRP On ChatGPT.com
It finally happened: OpenAI, creators of the AI blockbuster platform, ChatGPT, have stepped in to take what's theirs - the brand. By filing a UDRP against the exact match .com the battle of human-driven AI brands begins.

Topic by @silentg

What I've learned about liquidating domain names
Renewing your domains year after year can create a financial burden when a sale doesn't occur. Instead of just letting your domains drop, there's always the option to liquidate them, by selling them at attractive prices. A domain investor did just that and shares his experience from the process.

Topic by @arzim

Chat.com Acquired By Dharmesh, CEO of Hubspot
Dharmesh Shah, CEO of Hubspot, spent an insane amount of money to acquire the recently brokered domain, Chat.com. The sale cost 8 figures and it's a personal acquisition, as opposed to a corporate one. Find out the details of this mega-sale!

Topic by @silentg

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Chat is an amazing priceless domain.

Can make an argument Chat dot com outlives Chatgpt
Chat is an amazing priceless domain.

Can make an argument Chat dot com outlives Chatgpt
Very much agree. GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) is a machine learning model (a Transformer architecture) that will probably be replaced at some point. It is incredibly expensive (atm) to train a full GPT like OpenAI. It is an incredibly powerful model compressing huge amounts of human "knowledge" into a semi-navigable space on very expensive hardware but there are others and there will certainly be more. It's also just a part of the overall chat system.

RLHF (reinforcement learning with human feedback) is the process that makes it chatty and useful without going full-fledged prompt engineering for reasonable responses on the original GPT. It tunes the GPT into a new model, via a "policy (gradient)" of sorts created by comparing versions of it's outputs by humans, to seem natural in whatever setting it will be deployed in. That about sums it up. I get excited about this stuff. ;)

That being said, it is a foundational model backed by massive investments so it's lifespan is going to be very, very long. When it does fade into that machine learning model sunset, perhaps I'll be able to sell SadGPT.com for a reasonable amount. ;)
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