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Welcome to the weekly Top Topics review here at NamePros! :) sold for $302,670; GoDaddy doubles its brokerage service fee; A pair of great .AI sales; The story behind the sale of; Jeff Gabriel's story at Sold Today for $302,670
The premium domain name was reported as sold by Kate Buckley for more than $302,000 dollars. Read the details and share your opinion on its value.

Topic by @cts

GoDaddy has doubled the price of their broker service fee to $119.99
GoDaddy has increased the price it charges to establish a brokerage connection between a buyer and a domain's owner; the price went up from $69.99 to $119.99—Almost a doubling of the previous cost! Is the service really worth that much?

Topic by @fogfever Sold For $60,000 & For $43,500
Another day, another pair of .AI domains were sold for spectacular sums of money. and scored more than $100,000 dollars in combined sales. Read about the details in this thread.

Topic by @silentg

Michael Santiago shares the story of from Handreg to $85K sale
This is the amazing story of hand-registering a domain and flipping it for almost a thousand times its cost. was eventually acquired by OpenAI but not before someone seized the opportunity to make some serious amount of money in profits!

Topic by @equity78

Saw - Jeff Gabriel's Story Part 2 founder, Jeff Gabriel, shared his story as a broker, manager of Sales at Uniregistry, and eventual founder of the SAW brokerage. Watch the second video in the series.

Topic by @Lox

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