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I. Creating a Domain Sales Listing
1. Section - Navigate to a specific section of the Domain Names area in the Marketplace to begin your post.
a. For specific descriptions of each section and which one is best for you, read the outline.

2. Create Thread - After you’ve located the appropriate thread for what you would like to list for sale, click on the blue button labeled “Post New Thread.”

3. Review Rules - Before posting, read all the Marketplace rules. Most common questions are answered in its FAQ section.

4. Title - Choose an appropriate prefix and title. Listing the domain first, and then price or a single key detail about the domain in the title helps persuade members to click on it.
a. Remember that rules require you to have at least one domain name in the title.
b. Example: is for Sale! Bidding starts at $1.

5. Templates and Body - Write a summary of the domain(s) you will be listing for sale on NamePros in this thread. Try these area specific domain sales templates and these auction templates for quick posting.
a. Remember that each section of the marketplace has slightly different posting requirements. Using templates will help you abide by these rules.

6. Formatting - For help with different formatting options like making text bold, creating a numbered list, or inserting pictures, read the entire Official User Guide. Use BB Code for inserting tables, dividing sections, and other custom formatting.

7. Tags - Creating tags will increase the chances of someone finding your domain via search and the tag cloud.

8. Preview - Proof your thread by clicking on the “Preview…” button to see what your finalized post will look like before publishing. Review it at this point to remove any possible spelling or formatting errors before publishing.

9. Post - Click the “Create Thread” button to publish your thread!

10. Increased Exposure - Take advantage of all of your marketing options by submitting it to the Free Promoted Auctions thread. If accepted, it will be advertised site-wide.

11. Additional Listings - Each account level has different limits on the frequency and quantity of posts you’re allowed to create. Upgrade your account to remove and increase some of these limitations.

II. Editing a Domain Sales Listing - You may want to update your domain sales listing for a number of reasons: domains were sold, prices changed, more useful information added, etc.
1. Locate Listing - Navigate to your listing by using the search bar or looking through the "Postings" tab of your profile.

2. Edit - Click the edit button and begin your changes.
a. To edit the title and other options, click the button "More Options..." to reveal them.
b. Remember that the Marketplace rules restrict specific information you're allowed to change depending on where you've posted.

3. Save - Click "Save Changes" and you're done!

III. Standard Transaction Process
1. Indicating Purchase - There are different ways a buyer can purchase a domain.
a. BIN - For any listings with a BIN, a buyer just has to post something similar to "Sold at BIN."
b. High Bid - In auctions the buyer will simply submit their bid amount, and if it is the highest amount by the conclusion of the auction, they're declared the winner.
c. Fixed Price - For fixed price domains, simply write "Sold."
d. Creative and Make Offer - If you're acquiring a domain in the Creative: Finance, Lease, Trade area or Make an Offer section, you'll have to negotiate with the seller until you both come to an agreement on deal terms.
e. Multiple Domains - If the seller lists multiple names in the thread for sale, specify which domain(s) you're buying.
f. Requests - If you created a thread in the Domain Names Wanted area, you'll be in charge of publicly selecting and notifying which submission is right for you.

2. Initiating Transaction
a. Trade a message with the buyer or seller to get the process started.
i. Buyer Initiated Template
My [payment method] email is [email protected].
Would you like a push or cross-registrar transfer?
What is your registrar account name or email?
ii. Seller Initiated Template
I would like a [push or cross-registrar] transfer.
My receiving account email is [email protected]
What is your [payment method] email?
b. Begin the process after you've ironed out the details about who is sending the money or domain first, desired payment method, and push or cross-registrar transfer.
c. Remember that it is both the buyer’s and seller’s responsibility for carrying out a sale. Unless otherwise agreed to, all sales will abide by the default sales timeline where the transaction process must be initiated within 7 days from posting "Sold."

3. Completing Transaction - You must complete the transfer within 14 days from when "Sold" was posted. Remember that push transfers are often quick, but cross-registrar transfers can often take more than a week to complete. Plan accordingly and stay in touch with your buyer or seller.

4. After Transaction - Once the transaction is complete, you can also do the following:
a. Trader Rating - Review and give each other a Trader Rating that reflects the result of the transaction.
b. Domain Name Sales - Post recent sale to this area.

IV. Domain Auctions - Please see the Domain Auctions Guide for more details.
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