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    Domain Listing Guide
    I. Sections - The Domain Names area is a completely free marketplace where you can list or search for domains in different sections that accomplish specific goals.

    1. Buy Domains Aggregator - Invented by NamePros, the first combined feed of all domains listed in the Domain Names area.
    a. Buyers - Easily review all domains for sale on a daily basis and use these protips:
    i. Sort ascending by replies or views to see popular domains.
    ii. Find domains that others have glossed over via sorting descending by replies or views.
    b. Sellers - Check out your competition at a glance and get a quick litmus test on your pricing within the forum status quo.
    i. Protip - Sort by replies or views to see how well you match up to the crowd.
    2. Top Domains - Premium vetted names above $1,000.
    a. Buyers - Find curated premium domains.
    b. Sellers - Submit here if you think your domain is worth at least that much to a domain reseller (not end-user).
    3. Domain Auctions - Auctions exclusive to NamePros.
    a. Buyers - Find great deals on domains you wouldn’t see elsewhere.
    b. Sellers - Easily and quickly liquidate your names.
    4. Fixed Price - Domains specifying asking prices.
    a. Buyers - Make decisions faster and easier.
    b. Sellers - Reach more buyers and quicker.
    5. Make an Offer - Names without set pricing.
    a. Buyers - Get creative and maybe you’ll snag domains for a fraction of their resale value.
    b. Sellers - The sky is the limit. Posting here allows for potential higher offers than you would have originally inquired.
    6. Traffic Domains - Domains with a price range and traffic data backed by a credible source.
    a. Buyers - Look for domains that could possibly pay dividends.
    b. Sellers - Submit to this niche area for buyers looking for something extra and provide proof.
    7. Bargain Bin - Only $20 or less.
    a. Buyers - Find even cheaper deals than the auctions.
    b. Sellers - Potentially sell quicker than the auctions.
    8. Creative: Finance, Lease, Trade - Abnormal or imaginative deals.
    9. New gTLD, ccTLD, IDN - Forums dedicated to specific TLDs and international languages.

    Remember to briefly review the Official Marketplace rules before posting and most common questions can be answered in its FAQ page. Depending on the account level of your membership, you may have certain limits on your account. See Account Upgrades to remove or extend these limitations.

    The following templates have been created by NamePros to make listing domains even easier.

    II. All Purpose Templates - These templates can be utilized in the Top Domains, Fixed Price, Make an Offer, Traffic Domains, or Bargain Bin areas. Remember to follow section specific rules about fixed prices and certain minimums.

    1. Relevant Information - An extensive list of relevant data categories to help domainers better illustrate their investments to buyers.
    2. Minimalist - The fundamental requirements for any listing.
    3. Bulk - If you’re selling a portfolio, but don’t have time to list all the details, simply start with the essentials.
    4. Bulk Extra - For members willing to put in the extra time to list extra data to push their sales.

    III. Area Specific Templates

    1. Top Domains Base - Only what’s required of this forum.
    2. Fixed Price Base - Only what’s required of this area.
    3. Buy Now: Minimum $100
    4. Buy Now: Minimum $500
    5. Make an Offer Base - Only what’s required of this area.
    6. Traffic Domains Base - Only what’s required of this area.
    7. Bargain Bin Make Offer - Only what’s required for this listing.
    8. Bargain Bin Buy Now - Only what’s required for this listing.
    9. Domain Auction - See Domain Auctions Guide for these. Remember Bargain Bin maximums if using templates to post there.

    IV. Post Sale - Actions to take after a sale.

    1. Leave an appropriate Trader Rating on each other’s profiles that reflects the transaction’s outcome.
    2. If you’d like to brag about your sale, post it in Domain Name Sales with the details.
    3. If you’re looking to quickly flip the domain you just acquired or invest in some new names from your recent windfall, try the NamePros Marketplace.
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