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Note: DM is short for Direct Message.

Marketplace FAQ
1. All Sales Threads
a. What is considered thread crashing to prevent a sale?
i. This is most often done by members entering into a sales thread and offering their domains for sale as well. Most of the time, it is unintentional, however it does happen.
ii. Please report any posts that you see interrupting a sales thread.
iii. Do not attempt to appraise domains for sale unless in the appropriate section.
b. Why must all sales be written in USD? Why can’t we use EUR or GBP?
i. Having all domain sales threads with one currency, while maybe converted from your local currency, makes it a lot easier to have a central and understandable currency.
c. What is shill bidding?
i. Shill bidding is a member having other members bid up an auction or add offers to attract eyes. It also includes bidding on your own auction using another account. This action is not tolerated and is dealt with accordingly.
d. Why can’t I buy a domain at the price it was listed for in an old thread if it’s not closed?
i. We have a seven day binding policy so that a thread cannot be dug up and a domain sold that is under priced at that point. This protects the seller and gives you, the buyer, ample time to buy it for the price they desired.
e. Is a “SOLD” post binding?
i. On NamePros, if a buyer is to post “SOLD” on any domain, that is to be a binding sale.
ii. This does not contradict Marketplace rule 6.1.4.
f. What is the purpose of listing both the registration date and registrar?
i. Providing the registration date allows other domain investors to find aged domains fairly easily. Note that only the domain's expiry is required, not its registration date. Having the domain registrar allows members to setup an account at that registrar before or after taking part in the auction to speed transactions up.
g. Who is responsible for the payment processor fees in a transaction?
i. Sellers are responsible and must either willingly accept fees or clearly include them in the price.
ii. You cannot ask someone to send a gift to receive the full amount when using a third party payment processor or escrow service as it may be circumventing tax laws. It is also specifically against PayPal TOS to do so, and in violation of General rule 1.9 and 1.17.
h. Why do I have to post a domain name in the title of the thread?
i. Having a domain in the title allows members to know exactly what they are looking for without ambiguity in what they may be clicking on to see.
ii. Although one domain in the title is required, you may post more if you see fit, meets length requirements and exemplifies your portfolio.
iii. Per official rule 6.1.9 do not post "DM me for the domain" or avoid posting the domains within the thread.
i. Is there a reason I cannot post external links for a domain name in a thread?
i. Yes, NamePros facilitates domain transactions as a part of our community.
ii. You may use the External Domain and Website Sales area for advertising an outside auction as we want to keep them separate.
j. What is considered an "educational comment?"
i. An educational comment may be an answer to a question about traffic. A seller may explain their traffic break down and what it means.
k. What determines if a domain is considered "adult" or not?
i. It is mostly determined by common sense. However, there are medical terms that may end up falling into the adult category as well. Both of these types of domain sales listings will be moved and/or deleted.
l. Why can’t I have more than one sales thread open per domain name?
i. To prevent multiple confusingly similar threads that allow a single domain to be sold to multiple different buyers and causing difficulties.
ii. Do not cross-post, link, or copy partial sales between the forums.
m. When pertaining to creating domain sales threads, what is considered a hidden fee or information?
i. Anything above and beyond the cost of the domain being registered at the normal price. This includes clearly stating when domains are due for renewals when their expiry is within 30 days or less.
ii. As an example, if a domain is priced to sell at $20 but is currently in the redemption period at GoDaddy, you may not charge $100 for the domain name.
iii. Clearly state any special conditions due to registrar policies including cross-registrar lock, special ID info for particular TLDs, etc.
n. Why do I need to be the authorized seller or broker to list a domain for sale?
i. You must be the authorized seller; or owner, to list any domain for sale. In other words, you cannot sell something that you don’t own. Being an authorized broker for domains for sale in the auctions reduces confusion as to who owns the domain name and if someone is able to acquire it if they are the winning bidder. Being an authorized broker ensures that the transfer or push will go through as expected.
o. What is a blatant TM?
i. A blatant TM consists of a household known brand, including a product they may produce or a service they may offer.
ii. An example of this would be iPad. An iPad is known worldwide and has an array of products and services to go with it. Blatant TM's would also be iPadChargers and iPadRepair.
p. What are the minimum suggested offers and prices in certain domain sales forums?
i. Top Domains has a minimum $1,000 offer, and the Buy Now and Make Offer sections of the Fixed Price and Make an Offer forums also have $100 and $500 minimums depending on which area you're in.
ii. Offers below the suggested minimum will not be considered and possibly awarded infraction points.
iii. In areas without designated minimums, if a seller does not state that their price is firm or they’re unwilling to accept anything below a specific amount, all offers are valid.
q. When does the default sales timeline apply?
i. The default applies when the buyer and seller have not communicated or agree to otherwise. If too much time elapses, or the deal falls through for unreliable reasons, report the offender and leave them a negative trader rating.
r. What does it mean that it is both the buyer's and seller's individual responsibility to check if they are responsible for carrying out a sale?
i. It is neither the duty of the buyer or seller to remind each other to carry out the sale or that the sale is happening. Once "SOLD" is posted, it is the individual's personal responsibility to check their domain sales threads and carry out the transaction. It is sometimes a courtesy to remind the other transacting party of the transactions if they don't immediately show activity, but you must abide by the default sales timeline regardless of contact or interaction, unless both parties agreed otherwise.
s. What are the maximum suggested offers and prices in certain domain sales forums?
i. Domains in the Bargain Bin section must be priced and sell at $20 or less.
ii. In compliance with the Bargain Bin price maximum, auctions must have a $20 or lower BIN price set.
t. When can I change my domain sales thread?
i. Fixed offers and BIN can be changed at any time while bumping. This excludes auctions. Remember to obey rule 6.1.26 regarding one bump per 12 hour period.
u. Why do I have to close or update my marketplace threads every 14 days?
i. In order to keep the marketplace free of outdated material, it is mandatory to close your threads when you're done with them. If there appears to be no activity within 14 days of its opening, moderators will close it. If you would like to keep it open, please include regular updates to extend its life.
v. What counts as an offer?
i. An offer is a deal that someone can accept or reject. Once accepted, it's binding. Fixed price domain listings, Buy It Now ("BIN") prices, and counteroffers are all considered offers because someone just needs to accept them.
ii. Bids in an auction are different from offers. Learn the difference between a bid and offer.
w. What is a domain’s registration date, history, expiration, and age?
i. A domain’s registration date is the most recent time it was registered. In domain sales listings it is referred to in short as “Registered” or “Registration Date.”
ii. A domain’s previous registrations are commonly referred to as its “History.” If you’d like to include the domain’s very first registration date or previous registration dates, they must be properly denoted as “History” and provide a link to its WHOIS history or page.
iii. A domain’s expiration date is the time when the domain will need to be renewed before its registration lapses. It is also referred to as “Expiry,” “Expiration” or “Renewal Date.”
iv. A domain’s age is the amount of time, often expressed in days or years, that has passed since its most recent registration date to the current date.
v. Example:
Registered: 8/1/2010
Expiry: 8/1/2016
Age (if the current date is 8/1/2015): 5 Years
History (if shows a capture on this date): 1/5/1998
x. Why must I keep conversations regarding my transaction on
i. Transactions originating on must have their conversations conducted on the website for NamePros staff to assist with any problems that may occur during the transaction. Conversations that move to email, social media, or any other medium outside of, cannot and will not be monitored or regulated by NamePros.
2. Auctions
a. Why does an auction have to be exclusive to NamePros?
i. This alleviates two concurrently running auctions. You must wait until your auction thread expires before putting it on another venue.
ii. You are allowed to use the External Auctions sub-forum to sell once a domain expires or choose to use different means of auctioning your domains.
b. What is a reserve price domain auction?
i. Auctions that start the bidding below what you are willing to accept as an offer. These auctions are not permitted. All auctions must start at the lowest amount a seller is willing to accept for their domain.
c. When can I change my auction thread?
i. You may change your auction at any time until its first bid is placed. At that time, you are obligated to follow through with the auction "as is” and nothing can be added or changed with the exception of its BIN.
ii. Once an auction has begun, you may add to your list of domains, but not subtract, or charge extra or encourage separate bidding on them.
d. Why must I reply to an auction thread with a BIN instead of editing my initial post?
i. This is an exception to the 12-hour bump rule.
ii. Posting a reply in the thread will notify all interested parties by email or on-site notification depending on their preference settings. With a reply, it gives a fair chance to everyone, as well as new prospects, to buy the domain name.
e. What is all the specifically required information in an auction thread?
i. Domain - List full domain name.
ii. Registrar - The domain’s current registrar.
iii. Renewal Date - The date the domain needs to be renewed.
iv. Starting Bid - The very first bid at which the auction will begin.
v. Bidding Increments - The minimum allowed difference between each bid someone makes.
vi. End Time - This must be clear with an hour, minute and time zone or X hours after last bid. In the off-chance that there are multiple bids on the minute, the last reply of that minute with the timestamp will be accepted as the final bid. E.g. 4pm PST, August 17th, 2016 or 48 hours from time of post.
vii. Payment Options - The permitted options you will accept from the buyer. E.g. Paypal, MoneyBookers,, etc.
f. Why do I have to publicly post my bid when I participate in an auction?
i. Posting a bid in an auction thread provides transparency to all parties involved in the process.
ii. Any bids via direct messaging ("Conversations") or other means will be considered invalid.
iii. Buyers and sellers may conduct negotiations with each other via direct message, but any offers outside the auction thread are not binding. To finalize a deal, the seller may set an agreed offer amount as a BIN in the auction thread and coordinate with the buyer to accept it.
g. What’s the difference between a bid and offer?
i. Bids are part of an auction and they are binding offers to pay or accept a specified price (Buy-It-Now). Other bidders must bid above the previous bid amount if applicable. All bids must be placed in the auction thread, never via DM.
ii. Offers on a domain at auction are not binding offers and they don't apply to the actual auction, but rather, the domain itself. This is why they should only be sent via direct message and not in the thread.
iii. Example: Current high bid for a domain at auction is $50. A $300 offer is made to the seller for the same domain via direct message. The seller states, "Too low. How about $400?" The buyer agrees. Then, the seller sets a BIN of $400 in the auction thread and the buyer places a $400 bid, which they already agreed to in DM, to win the domain at auction.
h. What is a Dutch auction?
i. This is a type of auction in which the auctioneer begins with a high asking price which is lowered until some participant is willing to accept the auctioneer's price. The winning participant pays the last announced price.
i. What's considered a fair reason for declining a bid?
i. A fair reason could include lack of trust that the buyer will pay. Lack of action promoting the thread or logging in to monitor the auction is not a valid reason.
j. How can I negotiate with a seller for a domain that is currently at auction?
i. Buyers and sellers may conduct negotiations with each other via direct message, but any offers outside the auction thread are not binding. To finalize a deal, the seller may set an agreed offer amount as a BIN in the auction thread and coordinate with the buyer to accept it.
3. Top Domains
a. Why can’t I edit my Top Domains thread?
i. Changing a Top Domains thread after it went through an approval process would hinder and elongate this system.
ii. Editing this thread will result in the immediate deletion of it and infraction points will be assigned.
iii. Message a moderator if you would like to add more domains to an existing thread.
b. Why can’t I ask the staff about the thread status in Top Domains?
i. Threads created in this section are hand-selected for approval in order to maintain the highest standards of approximating a $1000 reseller value of a domain. Remember that reseller values may be as low as 10-20% of potential end-user value. There are too many new threads created on a daily basis in Top Domains for NamePros staff to respond to inquires regarding them.
ii. If you notice that your thread has moved from moderation to not being visible, or your thread is not added within 72 hours, you can assume that it wasn’t approved.
iii. NamePros selects the best domains submitted with consideration given to fair coverage of members and extensions. Your thread will be listed within 72 hours if accepted.
iv. It's recommended to review the domains listed in Top Domains for their caliber, quality, and type and the information contained in their posts for more accurate submissions.
c. Who can post in the Top Domains forum?
i. Only domain owners may post in this section. Use the Domain Brokers and Financiers section if you are selling on behalf of someone else as a broker.
d. How many threads may I have open?
i. Maximum active threads depend on your account level.
4. Creative: Finance, Lease, Trade
a. How do I let others know that my domain sales thread is a trade related post?
i. Choose the prefix “Trade” when posting. For leasing and financing, choose those prefixes instead.
5. Design Contests
a. Where can I find all the rules for the design contests?
i. In the Official Design Contest Rules thread.
6. Services
a. What can I do as a seller if I can’t complete the work in time for my buyer?
i. Mention that you would like an extension to your buyer. The buyer is allowed to designate more time in the agreement. If the buyer chooses to not extend the deadline, you are liable and bound by the original agreement.
b. What type of refunds should buyers receive?
i. Full or partial refunds should be initiated if the work is not complete as agreed upon.
ii. Professional services require to give refunds based on their individual refund policy.
c. What are the permitted examples of work?
i. Link to a portfolio, sites or coding you’ve done for clients, personal sites that you coded, and designs with client testimonial.
ii. Displaying code you didn’t create is only acceptable if you own the resell rights to it in accordance with General rule 1.4 and are knowledgeable in editing it.
iii. If you do not display work, you will receive a direct message giving you 12 hours to update your thread or it will be locked.
iv. Stating to direct message you for your portfolio is not acceptable.
d. What happens if I don’t watermark my images?
i. If anyone posts an un-watermarked design entry, forum staff and forum leaders may delete the posts with un-watermarked entries.
ii. Please report all un-watermarked images from this section.
e. What are some examples of what I can post in the Content Creation and Copywriting area?
i. Forum posting, article writing and rewriting, and other content creation services. Anything else belongs in the For Sale / Advertising Board.
ii. PLR articles and pre-existing databases are allowed, but you must provide proof of ownership per General rule 1.4.
f. What happens if my offer is still valid after 7 days?
i. If your thread is still active and accurate after the 7 day period, bump the offer. Do not duplicate the offer elsewhere.
g. What are examples of unacceptable posts?
i. Do not create vague posts saying the equivalent of “This is my hosting. [link].” Express the details and facets of your hosting.
ii. Only start threads related to your portfolio and service in Web Developers for Hire. Those looking to list jobs, projects, or needed work should start a thread in Web Development and Graphic Design in the Requests forum. This goes for all sections in the Service and Requests forums.
iii. Do not promote your own services in other service threads such as saying "I can offer that for less."
iv. For the Web Hosting section, specifically, it is recommended to display a few hosting packages varying in content and descriptively state server statistics, privacy policies, terms of service, etc.
7. Requests
a. What are some of the guidelines that buyers use that I have to follow?
i. If Buyers convey their budget is “fixed” or “firm” with prices and ranges. Only post domains within this budget in this circumstance.
ii. Buyers may require specific keyword, letter, and character restrictions.
b. What are some of the rules I need to follow when starting a thread in Domain Names Wanted?
i. Using an exact budget range is mandatory. The budget of XX,XXX can be read 89,999 ways as this suggests a budget of anywhere from $10,000 to $99,999. In order to make this clearer for all sellers, a thread must contain a specific budget of what you are willing to pay. Examples of this could be $10,000-$15,000 or $500 each with a maximum of $10,000 if a bulk request.
ii. Any thread in violation of not posting an exact budget or range are subject for deletion.
iii. It is recommended to be as clear as possible with exactly what domains you're seeking.
iv. Don't trade or broker domains in this area.
c. What is the required information I must include in a broker wanted thread?
i. Domains - list the domains you would like brokered.
ii. Price - list the individual specific sale price you would like for each domain or bulk of domains.
iii. Commission - Include the specific commission you are willing to pay the broker.
d. What can I do to vet a domain broker?
i. NamePros encourages domain owners to personally vet their prospective brokers for proven sales records and industry experience.
e. Why can I not try to sell domains to those seeking brokers?
i. This is the incorrect forum to be posting this information and ultimately makes the process more difficult for those seeing a broker.
f. What's the purpose of the Websites Wanted and Web Development area?
i. To announce available jobs or work for design or programming. Out of those who respond to your thread, you may choose a contractor and directly negotiate with them.
8. External Sales and Advertising Board
a. Why do I need to prove my ownership?
i. Per General rule 1.4 and for the security of buyers in the forum.
ii. Distribution of "review copies" in the Development and Design section is not permitted. Buyers, please directly message sellers for discounts or these if you're curious.
b. Why can I not give my opinion of other domain forums?
i. This makes for an overall more fair, healthy, and friendly environment that fosters growth.
ii. Likewise, NamePros does not permit using other domain forums to advertise NamePros.
c. Why can I not insert affiliate links into my postings?
i. The Namepros Marketplace is intended for advertising products and services that you yourself own or operate. Affiliate or referral "links" are not appropriate.
d. Why can’t I advertise VCC?
i. A substantial amount of fraudulent activity has been carried out using VCCs. There are easier forms of pre-paid alternate solutions people may use. This is ultimately for the security of the NamePros community.
e. What do [WTB] and [WTS] mean and why do I have to use them?
i. Including [WTB] (wanting to buy) or [WTS] (wanting to sell) in your thread title allows your readers to easily know your intentions.
f. What happens if I disobey the rules in this forum?
i. Non-compliance with any rules in this section will result in thread removal. Repeat offenders will receive infraction points. Posting advertising spots in this section is not permitted.
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