How long for your first sale?

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  1. alex067

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    How long did it take you to obtain your first sale, regardless of the price?

    Did you end up profiting or losing money?

    How did you sell it? Via Auction, regular listing, contacting an end user?
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  2. Rich

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    Couple weeks, can't remember if it was or, sold in namepros live auctions for profit..those were the days.
  3. E-Promote

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    I started with $3K of credit on a CC. I also had student loan debt etc, so that CC was all that I had to work with at the time. My first sales came thru pouring over huge drop lists after the drop every morning and hand regging anything decent that hadn't been caught. I would then cold call leads that I found using google. I don't enjoy using the phone for sales, I never do it these days, but when I started, I had no choice. The point is, do what ever it takes to get momentum.

    "Blocking and tackling" will never go out of style. If you are willing to do more than the majority of your competition, you will succeed. Part of working hard is working smart, and working smart includes taking small risks that have large potential upside as you hit the ground running.
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  4. alex067

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    love that hustle my friend
  5. Jahe

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    Took me about 11 months.

    Earned $6500 profit. It was an inbound on GoDaddy. Unlisted dot-Com.
    I cleared the $3,000 I lost making on starting my portfolio; 90% pigeon sh*t/ bad investments over the first 10 months of my domain speculating in 2015-2016. Had it not been for that sale, I would have quit speculating in 2016.

    Shrank my portfolio from 400+ since early 2016 to 100. Every newbie has to learn quality over quality, while staying in the black. was my lifeboat...
  6. creataweb

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    Mine was within a few months of buying a few domains for development. Random email from someone who wanted one of my names. He wired the money within 24 hours and I gave him the name the same day. I decided to try buying a few more names and selling them passively and got more sales doing the same thing (none were listed for sale anywhere, all were inbound sales via email.)

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