question What was your "slowest" domain sale so far?

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In other words, which of your domains did you have to hold for the longest time in order to get a sale?

The obvious:
1) What was the domain? If you can tell us
2) How long did you hold it?
3) How much did it sell for?

Some things to maybe include:
4) How much did you purchase the domain for?
5) Have you had more success with long hold domains than quick flips? Or vice versa?
6) Did you turn down good offers in hopes of a bigger sale?
7) Did you ever consider dropping the domain due to little interest?
8) Where did you list it, if anywhere, and Where / How did it sell?
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1) upgrade dot xyz
2)1 +
3) waiting for buyer

6) turned down 1000 usd offer.
Any 'veterans' want to share?
MotorhomeLife - 10 years.

I have older domains.
Well, earlier this year sold a domain we had since 2000 I believe, or possibly 1999, effectively making it the longest held domain sold to date.

Name was a descriptive name, two word .com, hand reg. and price was the standard reg fee of the day.

Selling price was low xxxx which more than recouped all purchase & renewal fees and was profitable with a healthy ROI.

Never considered dropping the name, rejected a few xx / xxx type offers over the years, as was confident the right buyer was out there ( somewhere ).

Was sold as a Buy Now, no fuss or muss, just a sold notice showed up and after a mere 16+ years the name was transferred.