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In this week's Top Topics, we hear about an investor's four-figure .TV sale from a reg-fee domain name and Shane Cultra creates a popular "Ask Me Anything" discussion. Elsewhere, there is a major update on the recent Sedo auction and domainers speculate on how much they would be willing to sell their portfolios for right now.

I Sold for $8,000

Veteran domainer @Ammudamus announced this week that they sold a Spanish .TV domain name for $8,000. The domain,, translates to “boxing’ in Spanish. It looks as though the seller got an excellent return on investment, revealing they acquired the domain in 2015 after the domain expired.

According to WHOIS, the buyer is the International Brotherhood of Prizefighters based in Costa Rica.

Topic by: @Ammudamus

How Much Would You Sell Your Entire Portfolio For Today?

Portfolio acquisitions have been in the news fairly regularly over the past couple of years. Mike Berkens famously sold the majority of his portfolio to GoDaddy for around $35.5 million and since then, GoDaddy has made several other portfolio acquisitions.

Just this week, Rick Schwartz announced that he sold a portfolio of ten three-number .COM’s for a multi-million fee.

This brings us to the interesting question. If you sold your entire portfolio today, how much would you be asking?

Topic by: @Silentptnr

I’m Shane Cultra, Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Domainer and partner at Shane Cultra, known as Domain Shane, started an “Ask Me Anything” discussion this week in which he invited fellow domainers to ask him anything.

Plenty of investors participated, with Shane responding with many insightful answers. As a result of the popularity of Shane’s AMA, a new discussion area has been created called “Ask Me Anything” for anyone to start an AMA of their own.

Topic by: @Domain Shane Transfer Cancelled by Sedo

Recently, domain investors noticed that the domain name was up for auction at Sedo. Usually, this would not be newsworthy, but the auction comes months after allegedly sold for $100,000 at Sedo.

This time around, the auction reached a figure of $9,900 and the domain looked to have sold. However, the buyer (@jamaltq) revealed that the transaction was cancelled. According to the discussion, Sedo gave this response: "According to the seller there was an error on the listing, he had entered a wrong price."

Topic by: @jamaltq

Chairman of Crypto Coin Company Reached out to Me on LinkedIn!

After registering a "chain" keyword domain name some time ago, this domain investor recently received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn to the chairman of a crypto company with a $72 million market cap.

It seems that his company uses the .IO version of the same domain name. Will this LinkedIn connection lead to a domain sale? Follow this discussion to find out.

Topic by: @Avtar629

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