information Top Topics: Girlfriend.ai sold for $170k; WIPO UDRP record in 2023; Howard Neu has passed; Swetha DNS changes; GoDaddy tapping appraisal tool data?

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Girlfriend.ai was sold for $170,000 dollars; Record number of UDRP cases at the WIPO in 2023; Howard Neu - A valuable member of the domain community has passed; Swetha, XYZ Queen, has changed the DNS of her domain portfolio; GoDaddy registers domains appraised via its tool, claims investor.

Girlfriend.Ai Sold For $170,000 USD
The domain name Girlfriend.ai was sold for $170,000 dollars, after being acquired by its seller for merely $450 dollars in 2018. Find out additional details about this amazing .ai flip.

Topic by @silentg

Record Number of Domain Name Cases filed with WIPO in 2023
Last year was a record-setting year in domain name dispute filings, with a 7% increase from 2022; a total of almost 6,200 UDRP complaints at the WIPO. Read more stats about this important issue.

Topic by @Lox

The domain community has lost a valuable member - Howard Neu
Husband, father, attorney: Fellow human, Howard Neu, passed a week ago after a brave fight with cancer. A founding member of the ICA and co-founder of the Targeted TRAFFIC conference, Howard Neu touched the lives of many. Join in and share words of kindness in his memory.

Topic by @silentg

Swetha (XYZ QUEEN) has modified the DNS of all domain names!
Swetha, the so-called XYZ Queen, surprised many after switching the DNS of her parked domains away from Dan, Sedo, and Afternic. The new landers? Find out by visiting this exciting thread.

Topic by @Emily_Cooper

I used GoDaddy appraisal tool to check a domain, GoDaddy registered it.
Does GoDaddy use the user input of its appraisal tool to steal people's queries and register their best domains? A NamePros member thinks so but bring your tinfoil hat along.

Topic by @jideofor

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