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tips Domain Name Appraisal Scams

The domain name appraisal scam is by far the most common domain name scam and unfortunately claims many victims. Most domainers have either fallen for it themselves, or know someone who has. Follow the advice in this article to spare yourself...
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information Securing Your Domain Name From Theft


Recently I have been dealing with a domain theft. Trying to locate information and warning the original user. One thing this process has brought to light is the little people know about securing domain names.

The following...
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opinion Owning Multiple Domain Names for the same website

If we already have a website with a very good domain name, why would we want another domain for the same website? In this post, I will outline some benefits of owning multiple domain names that forward to the same website.

Understand Where...
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tips Tips to Avoid Domain Name Scams

Scammers and rip-off artists are everywhere on the Internet. The domain name business is no exception. Here are some tips to help you avoid being scammed while executing domain name transactions, and to prevent your domains from being stolen:
  • ...
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