Bob Hawkes

Domain Name Investing in Troubled Times

By Bob Hawkes, Mar 24, 2020

Do you plan to take more money than usual out of your portfolio to cover living expenses?

Poll closed May 25, 2020.
  1. No. I put everything made back into more domain acquisitions.

    31 votes
  2. Yes, I will take out a little more than in the past.

    36 votes
  3. Yes, I will be liquidating part of my portfolio to cut expenses and meet living needs.

    46 votes
  4. No. In fact, I plan to put personal money into additional domain investments this year.

    47 votes
  5. I am uncertain at this time.

    66 votes
Total: 226 vote(s)
  1. topdom

    topdom Top Contributor VIP

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    Maybe GD receives offers on our domains, and they are not transferred to us, instead GD waits and dropcathes them for higher profit (I mean, not only by increasing commission from 20 to 100 percent, but also by 10folding the asking price) If this is the case, such a game can be blocked by renewing.. but we don't know which domains they are. So we need stats. But there is no marketplace showing detailed stats by default. ..Although I don't like Sedo's stats much either it seems to be the best. Stats may not be enough, but it helps.
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  2. sharastar

    sharastar Established Member

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    Thank You again this is massive and your experience shared just makes our life more simply easier and valuable.
  3. FolioTeam

    FolioTeam VIP

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    I agree.
  4. Josh R

    Josh R PRO VIP ICA Member

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    Bit of a misguided title IMO.

    I've heard of three 6 figure sales in the last week.
  5. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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  6. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Thanks for feedback Josh. I think I fail at writing titles :xf.eek:. The troubling times was not meant to refer to the domain market necessarily troubled. I think opinions are mixed re whether that will happen, and your report of major sales, and @Rob Monster report of an uptick in activity, are both encouraging signs.

    What the troubling times was meant was that most domainers on NamePros have other jobs, or own businesses, or depend on other investments. There is no doubt that the markets are down substantially, a huge number of people are at least temporarily unemployed, and many businesses are fearful of viability if lockdowns persist long, despite massive government stimulus patterns. I think the times are troubled, whether domain name sales are or not.

    Thanks again for taking time to comment. Was the $200,000 sale one of the three 6-figure sales you heard about, or with that are there actually four? I agree, pretty encouraging.

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020
  7. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO VIP Gold Account

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    Thanks Bob.

    We have seen an uptick this week -- almost 2X of the week before -- in terms of domain inquiries. The action is at the low end of the market.

    In short, although many people are "deer in the headlights" traumatized by change, others are starting businesses and capitalizing on rapid change.

    ICYMI, I have been commenting a bit more on Twitter, e.g. here, with short observations, sometimes with video:

    I remain optimistic, but don't be surprised if we see 30% unemployment in the USA by June. The whole economy will become more digital -- and quickly.
  8. domainexpert77

    domainexpert77 Established Member Staff

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    Talking about Stats, Epik Marketplace has a very intelligent dashboard that displays the performance of the domain name: The No of WHOIS look-up, the IP address of the individual that is checking up your details on WHOIS and the number of Marketplace visit
  9. surajrainamit94

    surajrainamit94 Restricted (15-30%)

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  10. Bannen

    Bannen Don't say Huh? too much; pretend you understand. VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Had 3 transactions in mid-process (private, not through a marketplace) the last couple weeks, all cancelled by the buyers. But around 10 days ago my only 'sanitation' based domain sold at low x,xxx BIN on Afternic. This was right at the start of the panic here in the Western World. I didn't even draw the relation... until I mentioned the sale to my mother the next morning. She said she wasn't surprised, with all this increase in sanitation services around the world.

    D'oh!!!!! Didn't even make the connection until she said that. I probably left a few thousand $$$ on the table. I had also paid for a cleaning name in .org via Godaddy closeouts; every closeout or expired auction I've won there in the last 6 months has ended up in my account; that cleaning .org one suddenly got renewed a day before it was set to go to my account.

    All other kinds of sales have dried up at the moment, at least for me. If you have sanitation/cleaning type domains... you're sitting on gold!

    I may do another liquidation sale soon; usually wait for the fall, but now seems a good time to 'think liquid'...

  11. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    I am not surprised that with 174 votes almost 30% of respondents are unsure. I think we don't yet have clear picture of the economic situation past the next few months, or how the market for domains will react.

    Nevertheless, I think this is a good time to think about establishing priorities. I always find it helpful to ask questions like what are your top 10 domain names and what 10 names do you think were mistakes and you would like to liquidate.

    @topdom indicated above, though, the challenges of liquidating domain names - always hard, possibly even more right now.
    With 21% of the people responding in the poll saying they plan to put new funds into domains, there should be some possible wholesale buyers.

    Interested in what people think of when they hear the word liquidation. Does it mean getting any money at all, getting what you put into the domain name, or some profit, but not nearly retail pricing.

    Interesting times. At least we know that .com renewal will not increase before Dec 31, although also know that a 7% increase not long after that is likely.

  12. topdom

    topdom Top Contributor VIP

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    Ok, is this useful data: I don't know. Number of visits is almost a useless data.

    What kind of stats I expect to see:

    First I can check daily/weekly/monthly/
    all time stats for all domains, and order these by number of visits, listing date, etc (ascending/descending), as in Sedo.

    Then I can pick a domain for a more detailed look. I see stats by countries (again as in Sedo). (for US /Canada I would be interested in states as well).

    Then I can check IPs of visits.

    Excluding bots would be great.
    Epik shows number of visits: useless data. Whois check IPs: I'm not sure if it is useful. They can be bot checks as well.
    Picking an IP, copy pasting it somewhere, just to see a bot name, or an ISP name time is consuming and not very useful.

    Detailed stats would be very helpful when doing outbouding. If "buyers" don't ignore, no problem, but they always, I mean, no exception, ignore.

    What can be done about it: I can send a tracking ID, URL would look the same in text form, but the actual link would have a tracking ID like: keyword.tld/1234, and it would redirect to keyword.tld, but I would get tracking data, domain-IP-date
    This way I can guess whether the potential buyer I chose is interested or not.
  13. BrandPlease

    BrandPlease VIP Gold Account

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    didn't some famous investor say something about buying when others sell in fear and vice versa...?

    of course that's assuming its truly an investment not a junk buying spree - haha.
  14. Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Thanks for the article
  15. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Indeed! I think that those with a secure income stream outside domain names, or sitting on domain investment cash, may well find the next 12 months a buying opportunity, if they choose wisely like you say. As of writing, about 21% in the poll indicate this will be their personal path, and I am not surprised. I have been told that the two years after the 2008-9 financial crisis was a good time to buy in the wholesale aftermarket. Thanks for commenting @BrandPlease.
  16. frostify

    frostify Top Contributor VIP

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    I see a lot of liquid domains moving hands during the coronavirus.
    Lots of one word .com's and LLLL and LLL domains. Even some numeric domains that have pretty set values. Looks like many domains held there value better than the stock market which tumbled 20% to 30% for most businesses.

    I was able to purchase a very pronounceable at about 40% off what you'd normally see them going for. Could be a good time to make more acquisitions for the future/long term investing.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2020
  17. Chinwong

    Chinwong Established Member

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    Thanks Bob, that's a great article there.
  18. Ostrados

    Ostrados Entrepreneur VIP

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    Be careful about emerging trends they might have very short lifespans, for example if the pandemic ends in summer then everything will go back to normal including previous trends.

    The smart thing to do is to invest in things that will continue to be on demand on the long run. For example after the pandemic is over health services will stay solid while remote services will decline.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2020
  19. Indianad

    Indianad Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    @bobhawkes. You never disappoint with your valuable information. Thanks as always!
  20. Raul12

    Raul12 New Member

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    Great article, But if any of you is trying to start an desk business there's a great .com domain that hit the market recently for a buy now price!
  21. bmugford

    bmugford PRO VIP ICA Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I am still waiting for the buying opportunities to show up.

    It doesn't really seem like the prices on auction venues are going much lower than before this.

  22. Samer

    Samer Top Contributor VIP Blue Account

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    Feel lot 4L went cheap Sedo 4L auction 99€
    Liquidate your liquid domains, if need cash :xf.wink:
    It’s not just market, maybe rockstar 3L. sellin low-end $xx,xxx “cheap”? 3L com already felt like the prices fallin pre-covid. see opportunities in both 4L+ 3L .com, but they require bigger budgets, especially star

    What do think, Brad?
    3L/ over any other “safe haven” asset.

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2020
  23. world teaches

    world teaches New Member

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    Nice about information in domain investing time now
    my trouble is solve in this post.
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