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NamePros has been active for many years, and is a gold mine of valuable content. In this article I highlight some of the most viewed articles.

I did not strictly list exactly the most viewed, but rather made a selection of highly-viewed articles that I think also retain interest and value today.

Chinese Pinyin Domain Names

By far the most viewed NamePros Blog article was How to Find Acronyms for Chinese Pinyin Domain Names, written by @Kassey Lee. That single article has been viewed more than 1,124,800 times!

$2.1 Million Vivo.com Sale

Not surprisingly, a number of the most viewed articles covered high-value sales. The second most-viewed NamePros Blog article was written by @James Iles, drawing on research by @GeorgeK that uncovered a $2.1 million dollar sale of the domain name Vivo.com to a Chinese telecommunications giant. Check out the article at Why Did Vivo Pay $2.1 Million for Vivo.com? The 2016 article, viewed more than 312,500 times, explains why the name went for so much, starting with the Spanish meaning of the term.

Duck on the Move

I was somewhat surprised that the third most viewed article, more than 102,000 reads, is a very short article on the transfer in late 2018 of the domain name Duck.com from Google to DuckDuckGo. No price was disclosed, and it is not clear if it was a sale or a transfer only.

Seller of Tesla.com

@James Iles interviewed Stuart Grossman who sold the domain name Tesla.com for $11 million. See Tesla Motors Acquires Tesla.com – We Speak With The Seller. The article has racked up more than 53,750 views so far.

We.com Sale

With so few 2L .com names, all are very high value. But combine that with a common and valuable word with superb branding potential, and you have the setting for one of the higher value sales. In 2015 @James Iles shared that the buyer of We.com was Tencent – a major Chinese Internet services provider and the creators of WeChat; see WE.com Sales Price was $8 Million. Buyer Revealed.The article has already been viewed more than 43,000 times.

Outbound Techniques

Outbound methodology has been the topic of several of the most-viewed articles, including @Ali’s 2015 article Daily Dose – Outbound Techniques that is closing in on 40,000 views.

Six Lessons for Beginners

@Joe N shares a wealth of common sense in this popular 2016 article: Six Lessons for Domaining Beginners From A Beginner. Be sure to read the more than 100 comments as well as the article itself to get full value. It is not surprising that more than 36,700 have already viewed this excellent article.

Chinese Numbers, Letters

@Kassey Lee wrote three other articles that received many views:
Hyphenated Domain Names

It is definitely true that most sales involve names without hyphens, and many investors totally avoid them. But how does the ratio of sales to names for sale compare between domain names with hyphens and without? Check out Want a Hyphen with that Domain Name? I was somewhat surprised this was the article that I have written that received the most views, just over 31,400.

Developing Domain Names

@Eric Lyon makes the case for adding value to your domain names through development in Why I Develop Every Domain Name Investment. Just over 30,150 have checked out the article.

Domain Hacks in Use

Domain hacks may be a specialized niche, but just under 28,000 have checked out Ten of the Best Domain Hacks in Active Use.

Breaking Free From 9-5

Many domain investors aim to eventually go full time, and be free from fixed work place and hours. @Eric Lyon shares his experience in How I Broke Free from the Chains. Just over 23,350 have viewed the article.

Hand Registering Domain Names

My article Hand Registering Domain Names covers 18 things to consider before acquiring that name. Thanks to the 22,970 who have already viewed the article.

Interview with Richard Lau, Founder of NamesCon

If you don’t know the story of how Richard Lau came to start the NamesCon conference series, this interview by @DN-com will tell you: An Exclusive Interview with Richard Lau, Founder of NamesCon. You won’t be alone – the article has been read more than 19,470 times.

Interview with Frank Schilling

Frank Schilling was one of the most important figures in domain name investing, and this interview with him conducted by @DN-com is a great read: Interview with Frank Schilling, the Man Who Once Had the Largest Domain Portfolio. 19,150 have already checked it out, and you should too!

Insights on Brandables

@Keith DeBoer is a master of brandables, and he provides numerous insights in a concise manner in Are Your Brandables Profitable? Keep in mind that the article was written in 2015, so brandable marketplace options and tools have changed somewhat, but still a great read, and the 16,165 views are an indication of that.

5 Tips Before You Start Investing in Domains

Starting out? Read @AndyM’s 5 Tips Before You Start Investing in Domains. 16,500 people have already viewed this article.

Free Tools for Quick Domain Research

Using the right tools and metrics, and understanding what they mean, and also the limitations, are key. Free Tools for Quick Domain Research can get you started. I thank the 18,280 who have already read the article.

Make Your Own Compilation

What a joy it is to have the incredible depository of valuable content on NamePros. I hope this highlight of a small portion of the most popular articles will be an inducement to dig deeper in the archives.

Anyone can readily see the most viewed articles on the NamePros Blog, or any other section of NamePros. Under the Filter command simply choose ordering by Views and Descending.

Please feel free to share in the comment section below some additional articles that you feel should be highlighted.
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What a joy it is to have the incredible depository of valuable content on NamePros.
I agree!

Domaining in general and Namepros articles have kept me off the streets for several years. :xf.smile:
Bob! I love this post.

I am STILL SHOCKED DuckDuckGo search engine and google competitor managed to buy their exact domain “Duck.com” from Google. I try to use Duck when i can, but Google is still better.

Tesla.com tesla acquisition one is a classic. Elon’s perseverance, vision to acquire it ; 1 of my faves.
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This is such a pleasant surprise! I see many domain names related to studying Chinese, such as "Chinese Pinyin domain names." I'll definitely take a closer look. There are experts here, haha!
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