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    I am looking for feedback from sales pros and/or people who are doing solid numbers via outbound

    I am doing decent with outbound, but nothing to be amazed at

    Here is my template:

    "Hey (End User), got the (1 Reason why they should buy, age, length, extension, etc.) (Domain) for sale. Previous plans for use fell through. Price is xxx. Would this name be of interest? All the best!"

    I am trying to keep the pitch short in length, include the asking price, ask a question at the end to hopefully induce a reply, and keep it as relevant as possible

    1. How could I improve the pitch?
    2. Which platform do you use the most and have the most success with to contact end users, email, social media, calls?
    3. When someone makes an offer or replies and does not respond, when do you follow up with them?
    4. How many emails/dms/calls do you send a day?

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    Would like to see some suggestions on this ↑

    Also want to know from domainers who do outbound...

    Do they provide some search volume of the name/keywords in the name..?
    What platform do you use to show search results..

  3. LtColonel

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    Why are there no replies to this? Would like to know too...
  4. RockBros

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    As for pitch, IMHO, the ideal end user would’ve already reached out to you and knows the reasons they should buy. That said, it looks good but I’d probably lose “Previous plans for use fell through.”.

    As for your other questions, here are some threads & posts, I’ve found helpful:

    Daily Dose: Outbound techniques.
    By @Ali

    The following thread has a lot of great information being shared, throughout it’s 137 pages, in which I found page 133 and post #5945288, by @maxtorz (below) very helpful.

    How to Find Potential End Users?
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  5. Tatiana Bonneau

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    Thank you @RockBros for the detailed response and useful links.
    My thoughts on the above:

    1. Pitch - The « Hi/Hey/Hello » and « there/John/Mr. Smith » depends very much on who you are approaching and should change with each prospect - you can gather info from people’s public profiles on social media enough to judge how they would like to be approached (more friendly or more formal) so do take that into account.

    Drop the « previous plans for use fell through » - totally not needed and negative - you are basically putting that negative tone/mood in and also saying the domain was not useful once already - there is no value that statement provides at all.

    « Price is » - why get yourself stuck there? Maybe the potential buyer would pay more? Maybe they will be put off by the price but only because they have no idea how valuable the name can be to them? Could give some idea of price (« names of this type usually sell for $$$ » or similar) or just ask if they are interested and will discuss budget further down the conversation.

    End of the pitch - leave some way back to you or/and some guidance on what’s next - so « …would that be of interest? let me know will be happy to discuss further, what would be a good time? », « you can reach out to me by responding here or via phone/skype/linkedin etc etc » or anything in those lines depending on the situation/prospect. Also include some links to your site/profile wherever relevant, something to give an idea of who you are and why your opinion on that domain should be taken into account (if possible).

    2. Platform - depends on the name - it wouldn’t be the same for $300, $3000 and $3,000,000 name. Individual research for the particular name is the best approach imho. I wouldn’t focus so much on the platform as on the right people to contact, then find where their contact info is available and where are they most active.

    3. If someone makes an offer/contact then goes missing - 2 working days usually is ok to contact, gives enough time to rule out they are just busy. If there is nothing on that second follow up can do a third one in a week maybe, in case they are really, really busy and/or forgot and then I would drop it. Can msg them if you get a buyer for the name one last time to let them know it is their last chance if any interest.

    4. Quantity of calls/dms/mails per day - however much time you have to spend and relevant potential buyers there are:) From personal experience with a good research, personal not spammy approach, you would struggle to beat 80-100 a day, for some domains there is not even that many relevant potential buyers so you can reach out to more but those will likely be useless, maybe as potential door for future sales but that’s about it.

    Hope that helps:)
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    Really nice input given by the respected members.

    I think you should check @rohitgoyal's strategy for outbound marketing for maximum gains if you are serious enough to take this route.

    Stay Blessed!

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