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SEDO. After transfering domain to buyer has to wait 10 days for him to confirm?

Located in Domain Marketplace Reviews started by 1john2004, Jan 12, 2019.


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    Couple days ago sold one of my domains(sedo bin) and successfully transfered domain to the buyer. The buyer has 100% control of domain. But sedo does not release my payment because waiting 10 days for the buyer to confirm receiving my domain by email. Is it normal? Sedo received very good commision on my sale and doesn't even bother to check that domain has already been transfered, doesn't bother to give a buyer a call?

    What do you think about such situation?
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    thats why is better to push to their variouds accounts then you get payed instant
    I guess they didn't have accnt so u had to transfer.

    u can insist a bit with your agent and msg in your window to check whois for change of registrar.
  3. 1john2004

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    I am sur
    I am pretty sure sedo has an account with Name.com. Still doesn't bother to take any extra action. Sedo received $800 commission technically for doing nothing. They could just give a buyer a call but prefer me waiting for 10 more days.

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