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    The NamePros Press page highlights world-wide media coverage of NamePros, or NP for short. Whether you discovered an article about NamePros or wrote one yourself, we encourage all members to link to them in this thread. We will incorporate the best in this post.

    Note: Please make sure articles are not duplicates or a synopsis of an old NamePros story.

    Press Coverage
    • (Sep 21, 2020) Namecheap recommends reading about broker-client experiences on NP before selecting a domain broker. Read Article

    • (Sep 9, 2020) Namecheap recommends NP as a resource to become a better domain investor. Read Article

    • (May 25, 2020) covers Dynadot founder's AMA on NP. Read Article

    • (Apr 14, 2020) DNW recommends liquidating your domains at NP. Read Article

    • (Dec 17, 2019) GoDaddy recommends NP for staying up-to-date on domain name news. Read Article

    • (Dec 2, 2019) Namecheap recommends asking NP members for assistance in determining a domain name’s price. Read Article

    • (Dec 2, 2019) GoDaddy recommends NP as a resource for industry insider information, news, and tools. Read Article

    • (Oct 30, 2019) identifies NP as an important site he frequents on a daily basis. Read Article

    • (Oct 14, 2019) reports on NP adding metrics options to posts, praising that they will be most helpful with sales posts. Read Article

    • (Aug 29, 2019) Sedo recommends searching NP for due diligence research on reported domains. Read Article

    • (Aug 23, 2019) cites NP member commentary on the market relationship between cryptocurrency and digital currency domains. Read Article

    • (Aug 14, 2019) reports on NP member's $90,000 domain name sale. Read Article

    • (Aug 5, 2019) Dynadot recommends NP as the "all-things domaining" community and interviews Managing Director @Edward. Read Article

    • (Jun 7, 2019) Business Insider and Yahoo Finance report on NameSilo winning NP poll: Business Insider, Yahoo Finance

    • (Jul 26, 2019) Namecheap recommends NP as a resource for domain investors. Read Article

    • (Mar 22, 2019) DomainAgents lists NP as one of their favorite sites and the entry point into the industry for new domainers. Read Article

    • (Dec 12, 2018) Popular websites cite NP article when reporting on Google's transfer of to DuckDuckGo: TechCrunch, FastCompany, HackerNews, VentureBeat, The Verge, Gizmodo, SearchEngine Journal, 9to5Google, TechNadu, Digital Trends, UberGizmo, EdgyLabs, and Techmeme

    • (Dec 3, 2018) GoDaddy recommends NP as a great communal resource in their article about buying and selling domain names for profit. Read Article

    • (Apr 3, 2018) writes about the history of NP's annual April Fools' Day pranks. Read Article

    • (Jan 24, 2018) NP and @Edward are featured in DN Journal's State of the Industry 2018. Read Article

    • (Jul 17, 2017) Alan Dunn of NameCorp endorses NP on DNW Podcast at 23:26 stating that "NamePros is ten times better than what it used to be... really great content." Listen to Podcast

    • (Jul 14, 2017) .Art endorses NP as an "amazing online community for domain investors." Read Tweet

    • (Jun 12, 2017) Ali Zandi expresses his aftermarket success story on the GoDaddy blog and mentions NP as a great place to learn about domain names. Read Article

    • (Jun 2, 2017) GoDaddy recommends NP as a great online resource in their educational video about domain investing. Watch Video

    • (Apr 24, 2017) NamesCon uses NP highlights footage of 2017 for their promo video. Watch Video

    • (Apr 17, 2017) Jason Calacanis tweets about NP article focusing on his sale of for $1.75 million. Read Tweet

    • (Mar 08, 2017) Mark Cuban retweets NP article about top ten domains he owns. Read Tweet

    • (Feb 28, 2017) GoDaddy identifies NamePros as an essential resource to learn how to make money with domains and writes about Managing Director @Edward's video interview with @Joe Styler of GoDaddy. Read Article

    • (Nov 06, 2016) DomainGang writes about NP's improved domain chatroom. Read Article

    • (Oct 16, 2016) DomainGang writes about NP video about WaterNight fundraising at NamesCon. Read Article

    • (Oct 12, 2016) NamesCon promotes NP WaterNight video filmed at NamesCon 2016. Read Article

    • (Sep 15, 2016) Matt Mullenweg and Automattic retweet the WordPress founder's interview with NP. Read Tweet

    • (Jul 30, 2016) identifies NP as the wholesale platform for BrandBucket domains. Read Article

    • (Jul 24, 2016) writes a seller's guide to the NP Forum Marketplace. Read Article

    • (Apr 13, 2016) ParkLogic recommends NP. Read Article

    • (Jan 26, 2016) Jason Calacanis retweets his interview with NP. Read Tweet

    • (Jan 26, 2016) Keith DeBoer recommends NP Marketplace in a special guest post on Read Article

    • (Jan 15, 2016) GoDaddy's Aftermarket Product Manager, @Joe Styler, recommends NP during HappyHour Chat. Watch Video

    • (Dec 22, 2015) Jason Calacanis tweets about NP article on selling for over $5,000,000. Read Tweet

    • (Dec 21, 2015) Jason Calacanis tweets and retweets about NP article focusing on his purchase of Read Tweet

    • (Nov 11, 2015) covers a domain buyer's interesting negotiation ploy that was discussed on NP. Read Article

    • (Nov 05, 2015) Morgan Linton recommends NP Blog article when covering ways to learn more about the Chinese domain market. Read Article

    • (Oct 15, 2015) TLDInvestors mentions NP thread outlining 4L .net domains rise in prices while covering their availability. Read Article

    • (Oct 08, 2015) DN Journal covers guide to Investing in domains on the NamePros Blog. Read Article

    • (Oct 01, 2015) mentions NP when interviewing NP writer, @jamesiles. Read Article

    • (Sep 28, 2015) TLDInvestors covers NP making it easier for domainers to focus on their niche. Read Article

    • (Sep 17, 2015) mentions NP while stressing the differences between digital and real connections. Read Article

    • (Sep 15, 2015) DNJournal covers NP helping a fellow domainer liquidate his portfolio to save his wife's life. Read Article

    • (Sep 10, 2015) covers NP's live auction returning for a good cause. Read Article

    • (Aug 23, 2015) commends NP and its team. Read Article

    • (Aug 18, 2015) TLDInvestors comments on NamePros member tapping into Afternic sales data. Read Article

    • (Aug 14, 2015) cites NP Blog article covering sale price of We .com. Read Article

    • (Aug 05, 2015) mentions NP when covering domain negotiation tactics. Read Article

    • (Jul 25, 2015) TLDInvestors references NP thread about GoDaddy coupon code limitations. Read Article

    • (Jul 24, 2015) N4BB references NP thread about GoDaddy coupon code limitations. Read Article

    • (Jul 15, 2015) mentions NP's Domain Names Wanted section and Pre-Purchase Appraisals. Read Article

    • (Jul 15, 2015) DomainGang interviews NP Senior Director, @Edward. Read Article

    • (Jul 09, 2015) TheDomains mentions NamePros Blog article about price. Read Article

    • (Jul 07, 2015) recommend listing domains on NP's Domain Auctions section. Read Article

    • (Jun 29, 2015) DNSelect covers NP's Liquid Domains marketplace section for short domains. Read Article

    • (Jun 29, 2015) TLDInvestors covers NP adding Liquid Domains marketplace section for short domains. Read Article

    • (Jun 26, 2015) TLDInvestors recommends considering NP for auctions. Read Article

    • (Jun 25, 2015) DNSelect mentions NP when writing about domain auction etiquette. Read Article

    • (May 27, 2015) mentions NP thread about Windows security. Read Article

    • (May 26, 2015) covers the new free publicity for auctions on NP. Read Article

    • (May 12, 2015) OnlineDomain mentions NP thread where they announced their $50k domain investments. Read Article

    • (Apr 16, 2015) Brand.Bar interview with NP Admin @Eric Lyon. Read Article

    • (Apr 14, 2015) TLDInvestors references NP discussion about Drop Catching. Read Article

    • (Apr 09, 2015) TheDomains references NP discussion about Read Article

    • (Mar 19, 2015) DomainGang interview with NP Admin @Eric Lyon. Read Article

    • (Mar 18, 2015) TheDomains mentions NP thread about redirecting to Read Article

    • (Mar 18, 2015) DomainGang refers to NP thread about Fake IDN issues. Read Article

    • (Mar 15, 2015) TLDInvestors talks about @Eric Lyon and the NP comics. Read Article

    • (Mar 08, 2015) TLDInvestors mention NP for having the most active .io topic. Read Article

    • (Mar 04, 2015) DigiFloor mentions NP as a place to buy or sell a website. Read Article

    • (Feb 24, 2015) DomainGang mentions NP in satire/parody article. Read Article

    • (Jan 22, 2015) The Frager Factor talks about NP's journey in the industry thus far. Read Article

    • (Jan 22, 2015) DomainFest tweets 5 min. video coverage of NamesCon by NP. Read Article

    • (Jan 21, 2015) DomainSherpa tweets 5 min. video coverage of NamesCon by NP. Read Article

    • (Jan 21, 2015) Go Daddy tweets about NP blog article about Go Daddy auctions. Read Article

    • (Jan 17, 2015) DnJournal Publishes photo of NP at Namescon. Read Article

    • (Dec 08, 2014) TLDInvestors references NP thread that turned into a Flippa debate. Read Article

    • (Dec 05, 2014) DomainGang shows appreciation for NP staff and Blog. Read Article

    • (Sep 05, 2014) TLDInvestors referenced NP thread about employees of auction houses bidding on their auctions. Read Article

    • (Aug 17, 2014) TheDomains referenced NP thread uncovering a Godaddy Phishing scam. Read Article

    • (Aug 06, 2014) TheDomains referenced NP .Tv sub-forum. Read Article

    • (Jul 24, 2014) DomainGang shows screenshot of NP booth at WebFair Virtual. Read Article

    • (Apr 04, 2014) Chrome browser knows that NamePros has strict security standards, and will always connect using SSL/TLS. (Other browsers will add NamePros to their preload lists soon.) View Code

    • (Mar 17, 2014) TheDomains referenced NP Thread for Pot Coins Discussion. Read Article

    • (May 08, 2014) TLDInvestors breaks news about NamePros Upgrade. Read Article

    • (Apr 24, 2014) TheDomains references NP Wearble Tech Thread. Read Article

    • (Apr 02, 2014) DN Select recommends NamePros as a good promotional platform. Read Article

    • (Feb 09, 2014) HybridDomainer talks about NP Tech Admin & Go Daddy code thread. Read Article

    • (Feb 02, 2014) DotWeekly talks about NP Go Daddy code thread. Read Article

    • (Jan 27, 2014) TLDInvestors interview with NP Admin @Eric Lyon. Read Article

    • (Dec 20, 2013) TLDInvestors reviews brandable domain threads on NamePros. Read Article

    • (Nov 11, 2013) NamePros wins favorite domain forum poll. Read Article

    • (Oct 25, 2013) DomainSherpa mentions NP Domain Comics at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. at the 7:00 mark of video #1. Watch Video

    • (Oct 25, 2013) DomainSherpa tweets about NP Domain Comics. Read Tweet

    • (Oct 20, 2013) DomainGang lists NP thread as the best place for Go Daddy coupons. Read Article

    • (Oct 17, 2013) NamePhase recommends NP as the best domain forum. Read Article

    • (Sep 27, 2013) FlipName mentions selling on NP. Read Article

    • (Sep 09, 2013) DomainInvesting interview with @Eric Lyon about Top Domains Forum. Read Article

    • (Aug 25, 2013) on NP’s new gTLD Discussion forum. Read Article

    • (Aug 19, 2013)’s FB account shares article about NP manipulation protection screenshot. Read Article

    • (Aug 18, 2013) recommends NP screenshot about manipulation protection. Read Article

    • (May 29, 2013) TLDInvestors covers BrandBucket rep activity on NP to provide 3rd party support. Read Article

    • (May 15, 2013) TLDInvestors on NP’s new look. Read Article

    • (May 01, 2013) DotWeekly mentions sale on NP. Read Article

    • (Jan 04, 2013) recommends NP. Read Article

    • (Oct 24, 2012) TLDInvestors covers listing on NP. Read Article

    • (Aug 11, 2012) TLDInvestors covers some of the best threads to read on NP. Read Article

    • (Apr 10, 2012) DomainGang covers NP thread about DNS security. Read Article

    • (Jan 11, 2012) TLDInvestors congratulates RJ on NP sale. Read Article

    • (Aug 15, 2011) Texas Tribune mentions NP in article about Rick Perry. Read Article

    • (Jul 12, 2011) DomainSherpa interviews Chef Patrick and references NamePros as his starting point. Read Article

    • (Mar 31, 2011) Huffington Post links to NP thread. Read Article

    • (Mar 06, 2011) TLDInvestors reports on NP adding a business directory. Read Article

    • (Mar 02, 2011) DomainInvesting covers removal of High Priced forum. Read Article

    • (Dec 06, 2010) TheDomains lists RJ, NamePros founder, as one of 20 most influential domainers. Read Article

    • (Oct 17, 2010) iGoldrush NamePros review. Read Article

    • (Sep 23, 2010) covers NP threads discussing the ethtics of domain investing. Read Article

    • (Jan 25, 2010) mentions NP when writing about investing in ccTLDs. Read Article

    • (Dec 16, 2008) creates an "insider's guide" to NP. Read Article

    • (Jun 19, 2008) Quad Letter Domains covers NP live auction results. Read Article

    • (Aug 15, 2007) DNN covers the Name Intelligence awards and NP receiving Community of the Year award. Read Article

    • (May 16, 2007) DNW survey names NP the best domain name forum. Best Domain Forum Award. Read Article

    • (Sep 20, 2005) Million Dollar Hompage lists NP. View List
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