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It has been a great training month! Our thanks go to every cool NP member, especially our mentors. Email: AT (expect delays) Nov 11, 2020

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      It has been a great training month! Our thanks go to every cool NP member, especially our mentors. Email: AT (expect delays)
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      We'll be significantly less active here at NP due to concentrating on developing three of our domains. Latest project:
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      Our first annual domain swapping "game" starts today. Its first ambassador is @YourBestTrader and our first ever domain will be!
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      We're now one month old as domainers! In under two weeks we'll celebrate one month at NP. Pros indeed! ;-)
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      Some of you sent us emails indicating that at least five NP-ers have figured out something. Well done! :-) +1(929)999-**99 is your hint.
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      NameDeck just bid on our CheapAircon•com - the first bid we've EVER received - $1! Yay!
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      A brief overview of our planned actions: 1) Putting good names on our preliminary list to see our options. 2) Learning how domaining works.
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      3) Discussing all domains in a group. 4) Negotiating with selected owners. 5) Buying best domains only.
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    This one will take longer... guess!
    Most Valuable Domains:
    Smart domainers! As of 29 October 2020 (or as some of us write it: Oct 29), we have been domaining for exactly one month.

    None of us (or our backers) expected to say, "Yes, you are right!" to more than one NP member within the first quarter.

    Well done to The Five!

    No sharing, please. The time will come.


    Our 'In Auction NOW!" domains are marked with All are our practice ones (say it aloud - LOL) gujug•com hovue•com bukso•com BestPesto•com day•cente lycun•com
    CheapAircon•com distancing•tech

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