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Over the last few years we have seen an increasing rate of price increases in the domain name world. If you operate developed sites, or have names you feel sure you want to keep long term, in most cases it makes sense to renew in advance of price increases.

But to do that, you need to know about price increases before they happen. Registries provide registrars with information on upcoming price increases, and sometimes those registrars pass on that information to registrants, but not always.

We have not had a central place to easily check upcoming price increases. Until now.

TLD Price Changes Site

I only learned about two weeks ago about a relatively new site, TLD Price Changes. The site provides tracking on future, and recent past, wholesale price increases across a large number of legacy, country code and new extensions.

The site is free and easy to use, but here is a visual summary. The splash screen gives information on how many price changes have been tracked, so you can easily see if anything new has been added.


Part of welcome screen for All images in this article are screen captures courtesy of that site.

Scroll down, and it will highlight the next change. At time of article publication, the site informs us that .co prices will be going up about 9.1% on March 1, 2024. Note that the prices given are wholesale prices to the registrar, so retail prices for registrants in general will be somewhat higher.


Also, a heads up that although the site highlights one next change, that does not mean there are not additional changes on the same date, so be sure to view all. For example, .fr, .pt, .work, .design, .club, .vip, .fashion and numerous other extensions are also increasing prices on March 1, 2024.

Also, while coverage is growing, many country code extensions are not yet covered, so you will still need to count on getting information for those via your registrar or domain blogs, social media, or other sites like NamePros.

Also, for new and legacy extensions under ICANN, the $0.18 ICANN fee is not included in the wholesale prices shown. This does not apply to country code extensions.

Finding All Upcoming Price Increases

There are two ways to search and review upcoming price changes using the website. One is to use one of the tabs.


Note that in this context gTLDs refers to the legacy extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .pro, .name, and .travel, while nTLDs refer to extensions released under the new gTLD program release from 2013 and onwards.

The ccTLDs tab covers any country code, whether national or repurposed for generic use, or both. Note that price increases can be dramatic. For example, if you have any .tm domain names, the country code for Turkmenistan, the annual wholesale cost goes from $80 to $400 per year on June 1, 2024.

Within legacy extensions, we see that the wholesale price for .biz is going up just over 11% on March 1, 2024, while .com prices are going up again on Sept. 1, 2024 by just under 7%. This is the fourth recent price increase for .com, but according to the agreement we should then have two years without increases, before they are allowed to increase prices again.


On Feb. 1, 2024 .net extension prices increased again, by about 9.5% this time. In January 2024, .info went up by another 9.4%. This is the fourth increase in .info since 2020, going from $11.92 to $17.50 wholesale price before ICANN fee. .Mobi is another legacy extension that has had multiple increases since. 2020.

You can also search by entering an extension in the search box. For example, if I enter the term work it will show me results for .network, .work and .works. I was interested in the .work extension, so when I click on that, it tells me there is a price increase scheduled for March 1, 2024 of $1.00 wholesale, about 16.7% increase.

The Developer

The site is easy to use and visually attractive. I reached out last week with some questions to the developer of the site – he goes by the handle @mallorca here on NamePros, or on X with this handle. Marc is associated with Spanish registrar INWX

In terms of a question about rationale for the site, he replied:
As a registrar, you sometimes miss price changes, so the site is a nice way to see if we missed one. As you can see, there are plenty coming up every month.
He went on to add:
But also sometimes clients complain of prices going up, it’s easier to explain why this is happening if that information isn’t hidden, so instead of making it a private tool for us, I opted to make it public, so others can also benefit of this information.
Interestingly, he used ChatGPT to help build the site.
Yes, I created the site with ChatGPT, basically the php scripts to manage all price changes thru the admin panel, the basic file caching system, sitemap generation, etc.

XYZ Family Prices Going Up

The TLD Price Changes site has a separate account on X. Just as I was finishing writing this article, they posted that .XYZ Registry prices were increasing 10% on Sept. 2, 2024. That is not only .xyz, but also other extensions within that registry including .homes, .quest, .boats, .rent, .lol, .autos, .monster, .beauty and 9 other extensions.

Scheduled Increases of Most Interest to Investors

There are scheduled increases in a number of extensions of particular interest to investors:
  • .app increasing 16.7% on Aug 1, 2024.
  • .art up by 66.7%. on May 22, 2024.
  • .club increases 9.6% on Mar. 1, 2024.
  • .co increases 9.1% on Mar. 1, 2024.
  • .com increases 6.99% on Sept. 1, 2024.
  • .design up by 14.3% on Mar. 1, 2024.
  • .dev increase of 20.0% on Aug. 1, 2024.
  • .xyz increase of 10.0% on Sept. 2, 2024.
See the site for the full list.

Price Increases: What To Do?

As a general rule, you might consider the following on how to respond to price increases:
  1. Use TLD Price Changes and other sources to learn in advance of scheduled price increases.
  2. Decide which names in your portfolio warrant keeping long term. You may find the NamePros article: How to Decide What Domain Names to Renew. This is a good time to trim weak domain names and concentrate on quality names.
  3. For those names you do plan to keep, decide the minimum number of years you feel sure you will keep the name. Even though renewals paid in advance may seem to be a waste if the name sells quickly, in most cases the low sell-through rate for domain names makes it worthwhile to renew in advance names you plan to keep. I outlined the numerical argument in the article: Applied Probability for Domainers. Most extensions allow up to 10 years total registration period, but there are exceptions.
  4. Generally, don’t renew in advance trendy names, since they may not warrant long term investment, or even if you do plan to keep them for multiple years, the sell-through rate may be high enough that the probability argument for paying multiple years in advance is less strong.
  5. Taking all of the above into consideration, along with your cash position and the opportunity cost of different potential ways to use resources, decide the advance renewals that make sense for you.
  6. Use a source such as TLD-List to see the relative costs at different registrars that you use. Consider factors other than price alone, however, including registrar security, ease of use, and participation in fast transfer networks.
Last summer the NamePros Blog had an article How Should Investors Respond to Domain Name Renewal Price Increases?

One interesting feature of TLD Price Changes is the largest increase recorded since they started. That dubious title goes to the .country extension registry that increased wholesale prices from $20 to $2000 per year!

Typical median price increases over all extensions tracked is about 10%, though, according to the site.

Sincere thanks to TLD Price Changes for making this very useful site. Also, thanks for promptly answering my questions for this article. More transparency in the domain industry is good, and it is nice to have information on wholesale price increases.
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
Excellent tool, thanks for posting this Bob.
Thanks Bob & NamePros for the mention, although I’m a long time user of this site, this is my first comment here.
Any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome. The same if you’re aware of any price changes I didn’t add yet, please let me know and I’ll add them (I’m slowly adding historic price changes, but I don’t have all of them).
Increase price is NOT a problem
SALE of domains is a problem
Market is down ( including resale / domain invest ) & will be down year by year due to AI ( most )
People/companies will stop to use a domain name
+ a lot of bad changes made on domain marketplaces like close of Uniregistry , acquire of Dan by GD ( in 2-3 years Dan will be closed ) , fake sales & a lot of other things
Interesting site but what I'd like is a newsletter informing about upcoming changes. Generally registrars send out that info but not all and not always. I won't remember to periodically visit the site anyway.
Interesting site but what I'd like is a newsletter informing about upcoming changes. Generally registrars send out that info but not all and not always. I won't remember to periodically visit the site anyway.
Yes, Newsletter or notifications for certain TLDs is in my roadmap. Meanwhile, you can use the rss feed (the published date is the date the price changes, not the date the change has been added to the site), hope that helps.
Bob, great write up! One suggestion; you show only one tracking site for prices (, but they are not updated regularly and resulted in me paying more than necessary. Even after reaching out to them with active codes, they don't respond and don't update their website. I think you should consider either promoting another reputable source (maybe or at least listing them both so people don't lose hundreds like I did.
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