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Been trying for the last 6 months to buy another premium and think I’ve done it *fingers crossed* don’t think I could have bought any better anyway (potential wise):-


Looking at Google Trends ‘VR Video’ outperforms ‘360 Videos’ and ‘Augmented Reality’ over the last 12 months, I believe the only VR+keyword terms that have outperformed it over the past 12 months are ‘VR P*rn’ (way above anything, currently even above ‘Virtual Reality’) and ‘VR Games’ (slighty) but it’s currently on par with ‘VR Games’.

http://www.roadtovr.com/believe-hype-hypevrs-volumentric-video-capture-glimpse-future-vr-video (the future of VR Video)

https://filmora.wondershare.com/virtual-reality/difference-between-360-video-vr.html (difference between VR Video and 360 Video)

http://www.todotvnews.com/news/VR-Video-to-Generate-USD-8-2-Billion-by-2020.html (VR Video to surpass the VR Games industry by 2019 and to generate $8.2 billion in revenue by 2020)

https://appreal-vr.com/blog/google-daydream-vr-video-app-development (Good article on various industries that use VR Video and how the domain could be a good asset for a company in various industries).

It’s my most expensive buy, thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.
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Domain: M.a.s.s/VR.com
Price: $15,000
Purchased Price: $156 Godaddy auctions
Sales Venue: Personal Lander @ Neoversal
Date Purchased: 4-2-2016
Date Sold: 11-27-2017

Background: I was approached by buyer via my personal lander at Neoversal in mid October. We agreed on $10K. Stuff happened new terms reached at $15K

VR is trucking along!!!
(If only I could share my AR sales;))

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Well after my recent buy of VRVideo dot com, that’s me 100% done buying now so just thought I’d post all the domains I’ve bought in the aftermarket over the past year:-


Made a few decent registrations too, but those are my aftermarket buys.

I think if I’m going to invest in something next it’s going to be myself, as I’ve no idea how to develop and make a (decent) website so may go on a 3 to 5 day course or something, develop some of my best names and try to get a nice income coming through.

Short term though until I figure out what to do with them, I’ve had VR+Experiences redirecting to Merged Reality for the last 2 weeks and I’ve just started redirecting VR+Video dot com’s traffic to there (the others have a landing page on).

Just doing my part, small as it may be to boost the term even more.
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Ostendo Technologies has acquired HoloVision.com, from Holovisions LLC according to whois records. Ostendo raised $41.8 million in a 2016 funding round and has other investments as well. The company makes displays and QPI chips to bring holographic and 3D imagery to phones, tablets and more.

xr reality

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[email protected]@.com sold

I am very proud that Pb Web Media Company has purchased this premium Ar adult domain. After emailing me with an initial offer to purchase this premium adult ar dot com. Negotiations went back and forth finally we agreed on a price.

The deal has come with a strict privacy agreement that the sale price must not be published in any form so i am not aloud to dis close the sale price but i am very very happy with the price that was achieved .

This is a great start for AR names and especially ar adult names too .

Also i would like to thank two of my mates who are always there @Elad n @NamePov
Holo domains have never been about Microsoft (even though the publicity helps), people were investing in these way before hololens came about and companies have been using the term way before Microsoft launched Hololens

Keep your good Holo names, but only if they are top names, its the same with every niche, if the name is average, it wont sell, whether VR, MR or HOLO. If you are sitting on 100s of HOLO names, get rid of them and keep your top 10-20 names, those are the ones that will sell. Don't get discouraged because 1 or 2 people on a forum say "Holo is dead", it doesnt work like that. I regged some of my holo names in 2009/2010 and the offers on them have gradually increased, especially over the last 18 months.

There will always be value in the decent ones and the value will increase in the next few years with companies launching holo products

What MS does with with or calls their hololens product will have no bearing on this...its about holograms, holographics etc...not Hololens

Thats my strategy anyway :xf.smile:
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