Domain Buyer Requests: Who pays fees?

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    I am about to post my first domain buyer request, however, there is this question I failed to find the answer to.

    So far I have done only one purchase at NP, and the rules about selling are clear: all fees are to be included in the price, so I just sent the seller his price with Paypal, not even knowing the fees he'd pay (these vary by country, afaik).

    But what do the rules say about requests? Rules require me to specify the maximum price, lets say 1k. I do, a seller responds with a name and 1k price, but then adds – "I sell only at [insert marketplace here], fees are on top of that number". Who would be wrong? Maybe that 1k is my last money and I had to sell a kidney to have them, and I simply can't go higher. Maybe the seller owns 1k to dangerous criminals and they'll make him sell his kidney if he doesn't pay 1k asap, so he can't go lower.

    Please clarify or point me if this is already covered somewhere.
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    Here's the official rules pertaining to your question:
    The rules do clearly state that a seller must take any fees into account as part of their sales price in the general marketplace rules and the specific domain requests do not say any different or provide any exceptions to the main rule.

    With the above in mind, regardless of either parties life events, if there are fees involved that exceed the maximum sales price/budget agreed upon, it is the sellers responsibility to cover said fees, unless the buyer has agreed otherwise.

    We hope that helps.

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