opinion Desktop.com is rebranding to Webtop.com? I don't understand how this is a good idea.

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Hello all,

I was just reviewing the recent post from Domaingang news, "Desktop.com goes on sale as company rebrands itself to Webtop.com". The reason for the rebrand is supposedly to better align with their SaaS services. You can read more about the article here:

Anyway, I have lots of questions, but a lot of my ideas that I've been thinking are, how is this any good for their brand?

Couldn't we research and come to some kind of consensus that "desktop" is hypothetically more recognizable to consumers, than "webtop"?

If this is the case, then they are downgrading and missing on an opportunity to redirect their desktop.com domain to webtop.com, which would probably generate them more revenue over time than what they will get from auctioning off desktop.com --

you could convert type-in traffic to SaaS sales. I just don't understand how they didn't see this, or what the logic is. Curious to hear your thoughts,

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It's a great domain in every way except for in terms of brandability.
That is what i said. DVD dot com is a great domain, but many people don't use DVD's now.

Sure, people still use desktops, i sent the above reply on my desktop, but I'm replying to your message on my laptop and many people access the web on their phones now, so unless your business is specifically specializing in 'desktops' (which these guys business isn't) 'desktop dot com' is not really a good domain to build a business around.
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Desktop can't be trademarked. Webtop is unique and can be trademarked.
Desktop can't be trademarked. Webtop is unique and can be trademarked.
If Apple can be trademarked as it has acquired secondary meaning, so can Desktop. However, it's easier to trademark fancy, made-up words.
Webtop is a nice name and it's actually a pretty clever rebrand - IMO better than adopting the name from the beginning - they're saying "look, we're detaching our product from the *desk* and going all into *web*". I'm not sure it will be 100% successful but it shouldn't be a disaster either. Still, I wouldn't be selling the "old" name just yet.
“webtop” sounds like a hand reg.

I'm fairly sure it *is* a handreg. From 1995. Four years older than desktop.com ;)