advice Forwarding a Domain Name is Not a Good SEO Strategy

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Many businesses and individuals acquire multiple domain names to bolster their brand or capture additional traffic. One common practice is forwarding these domain names to a primary website. That is not a bad strategy in and of itself. However, while this might seem like a straightforward and effective SEO strategy, it often falls short.
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Yeah that"s right. Basically its due to these reasons:-

  • Loss of Link Juice: Search engines consider backlinks (links from other websites pointing to yours) a sign of authority and trustworthiness. When you forward a domain, that link juice doesn't fully transfer to your main site.
  • Confusion for Search Engines: Search engines might see the forwarded domain and your main site as competing for rankings, which can hurt both.
  • User Experience Issues: Forwarded domains can sometimes lead to slow loading times or broken links, creating a bad experience for visitors.
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