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3,179 accepted the $ for the domain they knew they did not have. I have proof they didn't have that domain and accepted money anyway. They refunded $4,000 short for the name. They are breaking the law by not keeping your $ in secure escrow account. Instead they returned $4,000 less from different BANK, different COUNTRY, and shorted me $4,000.
I demand they return the $ I paid for the name. They held the $ for 1 week!!! and returned $4,000 short. is complete scam. They refusing to deal with details. I will post screen shots and proof.


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No, you have a monetary loss due to the intentional acts of a person who fraudulently listed the domain name for sale on Unfortunately, by going after the other party who was the victim, in terms of time and money, you probably aren't going to get much cooperation in attempting to identify the person who is actually responsible for what happened to you.

But you agreed to the following terms:

3.4 Parties acknowledge and agree that the Contractor cannot exercise any rights to and therefore has no influence on the actual state of the domain name, including the accessibility of the domain name offered by the Provider. Contractor does not make any guarantees or warranties with respect to the domain name. In case of a dispute with respect to the domain name, Provider and the Transferee shall resolve such dispute between themselves.


Except in case willful misconduct, Parties acknowledge and agree that Contractor is not in any way liable for any damages resulting from the provision of the Services or any defects in the performance of the Website and/or the secure access to the Website or parts thereof. All information on the Website is subject to typos or misspellings. For the avoidance of doubt, the Contractor is therefore not in any way liable for any damages resulting from:

a. the use of Services from the Contractor, including (but not limited to) use of Contractor’s Website (including the landing pages), (active) service brokerage and transaction concerning the transfer of the domain name and other Services offered by the Contractor;

b. false or incomplete information on the Website or any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of or use of any asset;

c. use of Third Party services or use of purchased domain names or other services via the Website, including the use of the payment services offered on the Website through Third Parties (such as Contractor’s payment provider Adyen);

d. defects in the actual state, including the accessibility, of the domain names;

e. acts of Third Parties hired by the Contractor, including Third Parties that effectuate mediation or financial settlements; and

f. changes in the services of the Contractor or changes in or on the Website.


Just for your reference, by stating that you are the victim of alleged "negligence", you have admitted the behavior to which you take issue was not intentional.

However, now that we have all tracked down the issue to fees charged by your bank (or by an intermediary bank used by your bank) for currency conversion, it is abundantly clear that your various claims of "money laundering" or that somehow profited illegally by stealing your money are false. Knowing these accusations to be false, you choose to maintain them, and have not retracted them. Your choice in that regard is intentional, in contrast to the behavior of which you allege to be merely negligent.
Sooo lawyer sounding.. u goot!

Abdullah Abdullah

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Banks always charge a lot and one should know the fees involved. I have seen no banks using the rates so comoaring by that is a waste. Another thing is, @DAN.COM would never do something like this and the accussations by the OP are amusing I would say because money laundering is not something you can throw around easily:)

I suggest the OP to contact his or her bank and see what rates were applied since two different currencies were being transferred.


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John Berryhill, Ph.d., Esq.
John paid me $200 for the trophy. There is only one 1st place.
If you can pay me more than John then I will take that one back and give it to you.

Damn crooked domainers. Mods, please change thread title to "@johnn stole my $"
I think OP tried to get tomato for $58k before anyone else can. We all know that worth more than that... it turned out to be a rotten tomato.

OP didn't perform any due diligence before wiring the money, even after DAN told her to wait until they verify ownership.


I think OP tried to get tomato for $58k before anyone else can. We all know that worth more than that... it turned out to be a rotten tomato.

OP didn't perform any due diligence before wiring the money, even after DAN told her to wait until they verify ownership.

"... wiring the money after DAN told her to wait until they verify ownership."

As one can read in this thread, the OP wrote (more than once) that she wired the money before DAN told her to wait until they verify ownership.

However, she should therefore be able to prove her claim with a screenshot (including the original date / time) of DAN's message to her and with a screenshot (including the original date / time) of her (order of) her payment.

But interestingly until now this (proof of her claim) did not happen, at least not here in this thread (and this makes no sense to me).
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I gradually started moving my domains landing page from Dan to other sites in solidarity with our colleague and lack of sympathy for her problem (even with her bad way of presenting her problem).

We have to admit that there are people who are more bad and less polite than we have seen their comments here.

Thank you Dan, I love and appreciate you very much But I am psychologically damaged for this (op)


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It doesn't take a genius to deduce that this is simply a matter of bank deductions and exchange rate.

From the screenshots, Dan recieved 49,506 euros and refunded same amount. The OPs bank would definitely deducted the relevant charges for receiving a wire transfer.

Be that as it may, I would not take this op serious if you cannot provide an ounce of evidence to support your claims. You only made allegations, you have showed no proof to back it up. You can easily redact sensitive information if you are serious.
If you want namepros to be an arbitrator in this case, then you need to do the needful. I do not work with assumptions, I work with hard facts.
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