information Top Topics: Incorrect WHOIS data; Weed vs. Pot; Rick Schwartz taps .AI; Stop faux listings at Afternic; GoDaddy Auctions & deadbeats

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Welcome to the first review of Top Topics in 2024 at NamePros! :)

Can a domain be blocked due to incorrect WHOIS data? Using pot when weed is not available; Rick Schwartz invests in .ai domains; How to stop someone trying to list my domain at Afternic? GoDaddy Auctions winners have not paid in two weeks.

Can a domain be blocked due to an incorrect home address?
The rules are simple: Registrant data, including address and phone number must be accurate, or the domain risks getting disabled by the Registrar. Find out how using a fake home address can affect domain ownership.

Topic by @Rigo

Using "POT" when "WEED" is not available?
Marijuana laws are changing globally and the reference to "weed" or "pot" as far as business are concerned can often be interchanged. The question is, does one keyword have a bigger prevalence over the other?

Topic by @dncafe

Rick Schwartz answers some questions on why he dipped his toe in the .ai pool
The Domain King announced recently that he's been "unfaithful" to .com by a younger, sassier contender, dot .ai. Read about Rick's thoughts about the future of .ai and what type of .ai domains he invests in.

Topic by @equity78

How do I stop someone trying to list my domain?
Quite often, someone is trying to list a domain you own on GoDaddy's Afternic platform. It could be a mistake, or an intentional attempt at defrauding the system. Find out if one's domains are in real danger and what you can do about this type of unauthorized listing.

Topic by @Sjpals

Godaddy auctions - Buyers didn't pay for my domains for over two weeks now
The seller of four domains at GoDaddy Auctions is livid; in the course of two weeks, the auction winners have not submitted payment. Is this issue at GoDaddy Auctions common and what one do about it? Join the discussion and find out.

Topic by @Kamaz

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