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Welcome to the weekly Top Topics review here at NamePros! :) $44 million sale; Google-transferred domains to Squarespace face renewal issue; Afternic/Dan lander: Where does payment come from? Check your "Under Review" section on Afternic; Domain name capitalization and web browsers.

From to The Rebrand that Led to a $44M Exit
Premium domains can add considerable value to a business. This is the fascinating story of the domain rebranding involving that led to a $44 million dollar exit.

Topic by @silentg

Google-transferred domains to Squarespace cannot be renewed
When Google sold its domain registrar business to Squarespace, some things didn't go smoothly. Some investors claim that the option to renew domains at Squarespace has been removed. Find out what exactly is going on.

Topic by

Afternic-Dan lander. Payment from Afternic or Dan?
This is a fun issue: Afternic-listed domains can opt for displaying Dan landers, so which platform would be submitting the payment, should a sale occur? Quick answer: The obvious one!

Topic by @Leo2k

Check Your "Under Review" Section at Afternic!
Investors are witnessing a group of their Afternic listings being "Under Review"—an indication of non-compliance with certain rules, or even trademark issues. Find out how to resolve these notifications without wasting much of your time.

Topic by @DomainRecap

Domain Name Capitalization on Web Browsers
The capitalization or "camel casing" of words in domain names can make them more visible, particularly in sales listings. A domain investor's suggestion for automatic capitalization in web browsers is met with some skepticism and resistance. Share your thoughts on the subject by joining this discussion.

Topic by @AMRO1001

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Yep, a lively week, and still going strong with some hot topics!
Thanks for the summary!
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