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Domain investor got scammed while helping someone who earned his trust; HealthRight.com sold for $210k; Would you use a domain marketplace based on crypto? Anonymous domain sell/buy—is it possible? Do you use a security key to protect your registrar account?

I got scammed while helping
Veteran domain investor, Abdul Basit Makrani, isn't a rookie; a domain investor took advantage of his kindness and scammed him. Learn more about his experience and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Topic by @AbdulBasit.com

HealthRight.com sells for $210K
A domain investor sold the domain name HealthRight.com for $210,000 dollars, three years after acquiring it for considerably less at a DropCatch auction. Find out more details about this amazing sale.

Topic by @equity78

Would you use a domain marketplace based on crypto?
The majority of domain marketplaces use fiat money for buying and selling domain names. With the proliferation of crypto as a payment system it'd seem like a good idea to create a platform that uses it to trade domains. Or is it? IP attorney, John Berryhill, has a few words to say about it.

Topic by @blakebrown

Anonymous Domain Sell/Buy - Possible?
Quite a few domainers are eager to protect their identity, when it comes down to selling domains. Of course, one would think there is something fishy with this type of anonymity. Find out whether this is possible online, or not.

Topic by @agentzero

Do you use a security key to protect your registrar account?
The use of key fobs as a security method isn't new and some domain registrars have offered that option for a while. Deemed as the ultimate security method as it requires access to a physical key, is it though popular? Learn what domain investors do.

Topic by @A1EX

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