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Your preferred method of domain verification on Sedo; Meet Cemal from Turkey; Dot .tech domain carries a $3,000 dollar renewal fee—why's that? Afternic wants you to prove you are not an elephant; Why are domain names tough to sell?

What's your preferred method for verifying SEDO domains?
Sedo, like most other marketplaces, provides an automatic verification of domains added for sale on When that process fails, there are manual processes in place. Join this discussion to talk about your preferred method of automatic verification at Sedo.

Topic by @dncafe

Hi everyone, this is Cemal from Turkiye
Cemal is a sailor from Turkey who loves technology and the internet; as a new member on NamePros he introduced himself and shared some of his achievements as a Turkish domain investor. Join in for a warm welcome!

Topic by @Cemal $3k registration fee?
If you like .tech domains you might be familiar with premium keywords that carry premium registration/acquisition and renewal pricing. Our friend who started this thread wonders "who decides" on the extreme pricing of these keywords. Chime in your thoughts.

Topic by @valentiv

Afternic forced me to add DNS records to my domains for deleting them from Godaddy,, and Afternic.
A domain investor who deleted his entire portfolio from Afternic is now facing the challenge of verifying his domains again, as unscrupulous "Chinese users" are adding these domains back. What should be done, so that his domains aren't in danger of a fast sale by others?

Topic by @Naming

Why are domain names tough to sell?
Selling domain names isn't exactly rocket science but it's not a piece of cake either! Newcomers to the domain investor community often wonder what it takes to sell domains consistently. Share your thoughts and tips in this discussion thread.

Topic by @Prateek0761

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Thanks for another great summary of weekly topics, @Acroplex !

I am perhaps an exception, but don't find TXT verification problematic. I used it with Sedo, Afternic, Dan, SH, and Dynadot external names. It really helps if you have a registrar where you can have all of your TXT DNS records automatically set for newly acquired domains though.

Thank you for your attention @Acroplex. I'm happy to be part of this