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Why .ai domain registrations cost so much? How to delete GoDaddy appraisals; What's your most powerful keyword? Domain tools you pay for; Most successful domain investors began 15-30 years ago.

Why .ai domain registrations cost so much?
Domains ending in .ai are managed by Anguilla, the nation that nobody can point to on the map easily. Why are these domains cost $80 to $90 dollars on average? Great question, so find out by joining the conversation.

Topic by @QDomains

How to delete GoDaddy appraisals?
GoDaddy uses its own tool to appraise domains as a raw domain valuation. When domains get developed, they carry an entire different type of weight. A domain investor wants to know if you can remove these arbitrary valuations from GoDaddy and how can it be done.

Topic by @Buys (account has been closed)

What's your most powerful keyword?
Domain investors looking for powerful keywords have a favorite one or two, surely. Join other domainers and share your most important keyword to register in domain names.

Topic by @ThatNameGuy

How many domain tools do you pay for?
There are many useful tools that can make your life as a domain investor easier and more successful. Some are free while others have a tiered cost depending on the level of one's usage. Join this conversation to discuss your favorite ones and share how many of these domain tools you actually pay for.

Topic by @equity78

Most successful domain investors began 15-30 years ago
Some successful domain investors hit it big in recent years, while others have put in a lot of time and effort spanning decades. It comes as no surprise as the most successful ones began between 15-30 years ago. Do you agree? Join the conversation and find out what others think.

Topic by @Siggy2500

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