Tips for Using Old Domains to Establish New Sites

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1. Choose an old domain: Choose a domain which was registered 2-3 years before. Its previous site had never been killed and it has more inbound links, less indexes. If it has too many indexes, it will frequently appear 404 pages when you visit the new site.

2. Make “friendly” 404 pages: Since it is difficult to avoid 404 pages for old domain site, and perhaps even new sites will appear dead link, so friendly 404 pages are very important. First of all, the 404 pages can not be set to jump to another page. Otherwise there will appear repeated pages problem. We can set links to the home page or maps. In this way, even though customers could not find the files, it still could improve user experience.

3.Tips for websites: We may not need to submit if your old site has a high domain authority and the web spiders will naturally come to our sites. However the internal site optimization must be excellent and not excessive optimized, or it will give spiders a bad first impression. Update your websites from time to time and it is better two or three times a day and mind your quality of contents since the search engine's core is the user experience, so your contents must be original. Establish a spider web by chains which should not only point to home page. Make sure the relative key words point to the relative column and make analysis of the long tail words.

4.Web links: Add stable outside links. At beginning, don't link too much links and increase links step by step. It is better if you could exchange links with other websites for free, or else you could purchase some one-way links to your home page from websites with high RP and quick snapshot updates. Besides, establish the wheel blog group is also useful. For some SEO masters, they usually have some high RP sites and link some advertorials on their sites.

In a word, do things on behalf of the user experience instead of SEO, and be aware that users go into your website to find what they want.
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Also, make sure the domain name is "clean" -- no history of illegal use etc.