question How much facebook paid for meta.com ?!


Andy Power

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does someone know how much facebook paid for the domain

meta.com ?!

As I visit it, I land on an about page about the future services, fb is going to offer.

Btw: metaverse.com is owned by someone since 1994.

Wondering, if Zuckerberg was fast enough to save that name too.

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It really depends on how educated the domain seller was.
If he knew that the buyer was Facebook and how much the domain is worth etc.
Probably sold for at least low-mid 7 figures USD, but it might have pushed to the low 8 figures territory.
*The above is just a speculation.
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All (yes, even logical) speculations / assumptions aside, do you even know if Facebook, Inc. or Meta Platforms, Inc. bought it?

Seriously, just the fact that they were + are using it, is not a proof that they own it.

A WHOIS call displays it as privacy protected (the domain name facebook.com is not privacy protected and displays them as registrant (but even this does not forcibly mean that they own it as the registrant is not forcibly the owner)).

So whoever can prove that Facebook, Inc. or Meta Platforms, Inc. owns the domain name meta.com is welcome to post his proof here.

Until then, the question how much they paid for it is irrelevant (however, even then it would be irrelevant - at least for me - any amount would be irrelevant in comparison (although interesting to know)).
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