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In this week's Top Topics, domain investors react to the news that Facebook has rebranded its corporation to Meta, using the Meta.com domain. Elsewhere, there's advice for new domain investors and we have news of a $3.8 million domain sale.

Poll: If You Could Only Use One Registrar...

Every domain name investor has a preferred registrar. Whether that's because of the pricing, the account security features, or the customer service, we all have one or more domain registrars that we'd trust with our most valuable names.

So, if you had to choose just one domain registrar to use for the next twelve months, which would it be? There is a handy poll for you to cast your vote.

Topic by: @equity78

Advice for New Investors, Part 5

Periodically, this veteran domain name investor shares advice for new domainers. Coming purely from their own experiences as a domain investor, the advice is aimed at those new to the community.

In this, the fifth installment, advice includes staying away from current trends, not paying for domain appraisals, and sticking with reputable registrars.

Topic by: @johnn

VistaPrint is Rebranding to Vista

Leading printing and marketing service provider VistaPrint has made a couple of acquisitions that are shaping the company's future. Crello and Depositphotos are now under the VistaPrint umbrella as the company aims to serve small businesses with digital services.

With that in mind, VistaPrint has also announced a rebrand to simply Vista as its ambitions now go beyond offering printing services. Fortunately, Vista owns Vista.com, a domain it acquired in 2007 for $1.25 million.

Topic by: @Lox

IT.com Sells for $3.8 Million

Earlier this year, British company IntisTele acquired IT.com, almost a year after it purchased IT.co.uk for £187,200 (around $242,000 at the time of the sale). At the time of its IT.com acquisition, the purchase price was unknown.

However, this week, details of the deal have been disclosed. It has been confirmed that IT.com sold for $3.8 million in a deal brokered by James Booth. As of publishing, the $3.8 million IT.com sale ranks as the largest of 2021.

Topic by: @Ron Jackson

Facebook is Now Meta

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the news that many domain investors suspected for some time. Facebook has become Meta. According to Zuckerberg, the name Facebook doesn't fully encapsulate everything the company does now.

Here, domain investors are discussing the rebrand including Meta's ownership of Meta.com, and the recent "meta" keyword domain sales.

Topic by: @Constantin S

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Thanks for the nice rundown of topics @James Iles. I had not noticed the 5th instalment in the series by @johnn - must give it a read!

Re the Vistaprint rebrand, while I can see the elegance of the rebrand, and that it allows broadening of services it might offer, I personally think they have such a well-known brand already that not sure that the upgrade gains them much.

Thanks again,



Established Member
Thanks for the post...Facebook is now Meta so maybe it will interest someone, Iam selling the domain name: viaMeta.com very easy to remember!