Ever insulted a potential buyer? I plan to! lol

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    I have been putting off contacting the CEO of a huge company that generates $2 billion a year in revenue.

    The domain in question I rather not say.

    But as always I am shooting for the moon. 6 figures.

    I was going to go the usual typical pitch.

    but based on their offers I'm losing my cool.


    The CEO and his company owns multiple companies. Of which my domain? is an EMD for an offshoot product for one of them.

    That generates $30 million yearly consistently

    I have been hesitating contacting the CEO because I'm scared of what I'm about to do.

    he bought this "failing" company back in 2004.

    How will I insult him?

    I will explain to him all the mistakes his employees made as far as my .com is concerned.

    These mistakes even happened years before he purchased the company back in 2004.

    here's a list of the mistakes.

    1. Company has a great brand. been around since 1967. Their .com is a single word. So they did a good job there. Then they registered other domains for brand protection strategy.


    First mistake?

    They did not register "" and or "" and even though they didn't? they made the second mistake and did not try to buy it while it was cheap back in 1998 mind you they have been in business since 1967.

    2. Enter their competitor. let's call them Popeye's.

    Popeye's came in at 1997 while KFC started in 1967.

    So KFC was around 30 years before Popeye's. so much opportunity. Missed.

    3. So now Popeye's purchased and and is kicking their ass as far as online is concerned.

    so what's left? as far as domain registration how "close" can you get to "" or ""? I say....

    well you get the idea.

    4. next mistake? His "team" got into a room and decided to go with a new brand launch and called it.

    EChicken and advertising it all over the net via press releases. WITHOUT REGISTERING the .com or even trying to purchase it from me first before putting it out there.

    When does the "insult" come in?

    I was gonna tell him. I've checked the salaries of his employees.

    some are $100K+ up to $350K +

    I assume these are smart people to have such big salaries.

    So since 1967 how much salaries were paid? millions!

    yet no one thought to register the perfect URL shortener for their brand? plus a domain that allows them to "sit" on the best keyword like "Chicken"?

    My domain is basically the "next best thing" as owning and

    I'll tell him I decided to contact him directly because all these employees offering me just $5000 are just people trying to save face and not look like a bunch of idiots.

    "So you guys went with EChicken but did not register and did not try to buy it first before letting the cat out the bag?"

    They F***Ked up. Plain and simple.

    Not my fault.

    my domain? was never registered till about few years ago.

    All this time. 30 years, no one thought to just reg this domain for "the heck of it".

    now I have it and they offer just $5,000 to make this embarrassing problem go away?

    I'll tell him.

    "Under Who's WATCH was supposed to be registered?"
    Who dropped the ball on this?
    And what is their current salary? All of them in Total?

    I don't work for your company
    I don't make $150K a year. or $350K a year. But I did something useful for your company. Something that will promote your $30 million generating business.

    You tell me. Who is the best person to promote your EChicken $30 million dollar a year generating business?

    20 sales managers earning $150K a year? or a Schmuck who registered and can email anyone around the world with a brochure of your product via email in seconds? for free? using something like

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    I have worked for large companies and have manage large teams.

    All I ever see are people doing the "bare minimum" for what they get a pay check for.

    Just enough to get by but never "above and beyond" the call of duty.

    When you hire people. You are putting business in the hands of Total Strangers.

    They only care about their check. They never look out for your "best interest at heart".

    They could care less that you are #2 and Popeye's is 1#.

    To them that is "Good enough" and then collect their check.

    They never think of registering or try to buy it for cheap before announcing to the world the new "EChicken" brand to save the Boss money.

    Yet my dumbass registered a domain that is the perfect web address for your $30 million dollar generating business.

    How dumb is that? To get a bunch of $150K- $350K earning a year people in a meeting and they come up with a new brand and "went with it" without securing the EMD .com first?

    next mistake? They contact me using THEIR REAL NAME not broker. Easy enough to Google them and check Linkedin and find them.

    I wish I could say the web address they are using because they can't own my domain. lol

    soooooo idiotic.

    They are already hashtagging the EMD for my domain.

    I would then say "How stupid are your employees?"

    and they are still rolling out with Press Releases mentioning my domain's EMD Keywords.

    dumb dumb dumb.

    Meanwhile I decided to renew the domain for several years. So I'll just wait.

    so would you ever insult your potential buyer?


    Why am I hesistating? I might just p*ss off the CEO they won't buy or come after me via UDRP.

    Fyi. in case yall didn't figure it out. The companies and .com's mentioned here are NOT my domains or the buyer..
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    That's a long one.

    Some possible soft-sell strategies:

    - Set up landing page for your domain with good SEO but no trespass on any registered trademark.

    - Follow the decision makers on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn.

    - Add a catch-all email address on your domain and watch for inbounds.

    - Forward emails that probably should have gone to those execs.

    - In response to their Tweets, you can say "Too bad you don't own <domain>" where it maps to your hash tag, etc.

    However, main thing is ..... don't be an ass. Try to set your ego aside, and be helpful. Eventually your logical buyer may return the favor. However trolling or humiliating execs is not likely to bring ROI.
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    Don't insult an end-user EVER, you never know when they may come back later and want that name from you.

    Always be professional and if they don't want the name, they dont want the name, not a lot you can do about it. The fact that you say the name is an "EMD for an offshoot product for one of them" means they dont really need the name, they can and will just use their main site to market/sell their products.

    You keep saying how they screwed up and the mistakes they made, they dont need the name you own. If they wanted the name, they would have registered it ages ago.

    Just remember, you are approaching them so they are in the box seats here, they dont even have to reply to your email, so the best way forward for you is polite, friendly and professional. If I got an email that was rude or insulting in any way, I'll just delete it.

    This game is all about building relationships, good luck
  4. bmugford

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    It is possible that the end user doesn't see the same value in the domain that you do.

    Lecturing them is not going to change that. It is an unprofessional, unproductive waste of time.

    Also, why would the owner care about what some random person, trying to make a domain sale, has to say?

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    Yea i know. It was just me venting. It's basically a rhetorical question that I know the answer to.

    Would be nice to just be an

    What annoys me is offers. My owning this domain is such stain.

    Plus I've been getting emails from their potential customers. I don't forward sh*t.

    They think my lander is the lander for echicken.

    Asking my questions I can't answer.

    This company just keeps sending me some little guy to GET THAT DOMAIN and do it for cheap.

    And if they get it. They get the big bonus and probably a raise and I get $5,000 which isn't bad for a handreg.

    But the backstory on this domain makes I rare.

    At thee end of the day if I said "ok $250" they'd jump on it.

    And be on their merry way making $150k a year.

    While I figure out how to make $5,000 last a year. (Exaggerating)

    This company spends $2 million on the most ridiculous things to "standout" to lure customers but can't bring themselves to pay six figures for a domain that can help them look professional and legit.

    It boggles the mind.

    Either that or they are just a bunch of d**ks trying put one over on me like a schmuck.

    Well this domain is mine for a long while. Ain't deleting anytime soon.

    So if they think they can wait it out in the hopes I'll let it delete? Think again EChicken! Lol
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    Thanks buddy. Appreciate it. I probably did not make it clear. They contacted me. Never contacted them. They used a broker via afternic. But the idiot created a username to match their "actual name" lol. I never even knew this company was an option to try and sell to. Just regged it on a hunch. Seeing as how there is so much competition for the keywords. Plus I liked it. And could make it into an affiliate site if anything
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    You seem to have a sense of entitlement or something. It is not the companies responsibility to give you some massive payday.

    They seem to be running a successful business without your domain.

    They don't want the domain that much. Get over it.

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    True true. Thanks. I kinda knew that but just needed to I don't know how to say it. Ram it home?

    It just frustrates the living crap out of me and of course a 6 figure sale finally would be awesome.

    This company is trying to beat #1 this domain would have been a great start.

    Their competitor is even bold enough to have registered domains containing Echicken's parent company,'s trademark name. And without even a Whois privacy.

    Like or

    Crazy stuff!

    Shaking my head.
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    Based on his long winded ranting and chest pounding, not sure that is a doable option.

    @ OP, I say sure go with your plan, insult the heck out of him and the company staff. Belittle and berate them as much as you can, show them 'you' are the professional and it's an honor for them for you to bring this to their attention. Put them in their place for their naive domain oversights! Maybe they'll even hire you! And why only ask for 6 figs? This type of advice to them should be worth...a couple mill at least. But most importantly do provide us all here with all the responses and actions they come back to you with. It'd be so interesting for all to hear how this 'tactic' plays out, both the good and definitely the bad! ...good grief!!
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    Let's flip the script. Let's say you are running a successful company generating $2B a year in revenue...

    Are you going to give any credibility to what some random person on the internet, who is trying to make a sale, has to say?

    I know if I was in the situation it would p*ss me off. There is absolutely nothing to gain from it.

    Last edited: Jan 16, 2020
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    Actually after the last $5000 offer I stopped responding. Even when the VP told me to call her on her mobile.

    First I think it was an intern or sales director. Totally rubbed me the wrong way this guy. Speaking of entitlement. This guy gave me that impression actually.

    I admit I was about to just accept it and move on.

    Something about this though makes me want to just see.

    Hey. I'll probably end up getting no sale. Heck they might rebrand again! That would be funny,!
  12. bmugford

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    I am guessing the actual domain is probably not that great honestly. If it was it would have likely been registered a long time ago.

    $5K might be more than a reasonable opening offer.

    The issue might be your unrealistic expectations more than anything else.

  13. .X.

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    Being a well established company , I seriously doubt they would offer you any holdings with the company, but you could certainly try and negotiate getting a 0.25% share along with their offer, its instant residual income. wouldn't hurt to try, all they can say is no
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    Lol leave it to Hawkeye! Knew you was going to chime in.

    As I said. I am hesitating because I know better. I'll probably end up just calling him up regular as usual.

    Ever had a talk with someone and the way they say things you know it's an insult but it's subtle? To the point you laughing along?

    Probably go down that route honestly.
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    Not really interested in equity. I know it's an option. Never thought of it for any deal. Just sounds complicated. Just want a sale and move on.

    And me too I doubt they would.

    Why did I think when I figured out who they were that I would just give my price and they would accept just like that?

    Because they are a big company and its an EMD?

    The reason is. This company could really benefit from adding this domain to their collection of domains. They lost out on

    The only good thing they have going for them SEO wise is their

    While #1 has pointing to

    That is why they are just killing it in the searches.
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    You are probably right. Just another unrealistic domainer. Lol.
  17. NamesMax

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    Silence is a great negotiating strategy, but here it looks like that silence got you a call from a VP. And you are going to ignore the invitation to call her? But instead want to flame the CEO.

    Do you really want to sell that name?
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    Come to think of it. I was going to say if you can't afford my price how about $10k-$20k a month?
  19. karmaco

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    I agree that you appear to have a sense of entitlement and are likely to shoot yourself in the foot if you contact anyone. The cost willing to be paid for a domain does not directly correlate to the company’s earnings. That’s your first problem thinking you are owed anywhere near the salaries or the revenue of said company.

    If you want to remain staunch set an opening offer closer to what you are actually looking for to eliminate those pesky 5K offers 🙄and do not contact anyone to school them on their business choices.

    Post after post, you are often the one standing in your own way.
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    Actually wasn't intentional not calling her. Her email ended up in spam. Did not find it till I went thru my spam folder and found it before I deleted it forever. I think it was in like page 6.

    At that point it had been a month.

    So done is done. Left it as is. Never called back.

    I did see that she called me several times from her mobile. Even on weekends.

    Yes yes. I should check my spam regularly.
  21. sharfab

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    You mentioned a whole lot of negatives about this company and their employees, yet you stated that they been in business since 1967 and consistently makes $30 million yearly. It's apparent the owner is not hurting for money. I would utilize the strategy the same as a domain name broker does when they inform the buyer of all the potential benefits of owning a domain name which include marketing, sales and web traffic that can attract new business, which is some of the primary components of business management and commerce. Having a planned sales presentation strategy will bridge the gap and bring you steps closer towards a possible sale transaction of your doman name asset...:xf.wink:
  22. NamesMax

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    So call her back now! Or honest question, are you afraid of the phone? Some people are afraid of calling people. To them it is like the fear of public speaking is to others.

    If that is the case, Get a broker to help. Give them all of your information, emails, etc and let a seasoned closer go after the sale.
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    When asking my price. I did not want it to end up scenario where the blame is on me for asking my price.

    He should blame his expensive salaried employees why he has this schmuck asking him for a ridiculous amount of money for something they could have registered for $10
  24. Ariff BD

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    That is a nice opportunity . But the question is-
    Do they have a TM for that e+key word?

    Do they really depend on online/domain things?

    Sometimes big company's high salary academian employees make big mistakes or simply overlook simple things that may cost a lot.

    Will you mention the type or sector of the company?
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    Lol who me? The way I write on here? That's how I talk in person! Curse of my mom. Total chatter box lol.

    Like I said that first contact. Director of marketing rubnecthe wrong way

    Sorry correction. The company has been in business since 1967. Got bought up by this current company in 2004.

    2007 competitor came in bought been #1 ever since.

    I'm guessing the original company wasn't doing so good and this company "stepped in" probably got it for a bargain.

    I just don't understand the reasoning for their expenditures. Like spending $2 million on art, $240k on a chandelier. $2 million on strawberries.


    And for what? To lure people in when they publicize their purchase?

    An email address with matching domain beats all of that as far as promoting the business.

    People take for granted sometimes just how powerful and useful email is.

    But it needs to look professional having a .com that matches what you named your business is just common sense.

    Plus this offshoot is supposedly targeting Millennials?

    Like Cmon!

    Tech savvy brand fiends and the biggest critics in history.

    "What? It's called EChicken but they don't own the .com?"

    I can already picture the Yelp reviews.

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