Epik fails to approve transfer out

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There was a chat option at Epik, and we could easily accelerate transfer by approving it.

Now, there is no chat. But there is email. When we send email, they ask PIN.
How safe is it to send PIN by email. Of course it is not safe, plus it can be used over and over again,
by checking the same email. So, what kind of security do we get from it..

Anyway, I let them know the pin on their landing page.
Sent lots of messages, they are still just ignoring them after 1 day.

Also, .. there is ONLY ONE support email, which is support "@" epik.king

In the past there were different emails.
Now , sounds like we get emails different people, but they are all sending messages from
[email protected]
SO, maybe there is only 1 person on the other side.
All others fired?

In short Epik is not responsive. Who knows what the hell is happening behind scenes.
If they don't like you, they just show middle finger and ignore.
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there was no emails in past
..u went to transfers option.and clicked approve... I guess mr Brian changed that
Did you get a wave or still middle finger?