Epik fails again

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The next round of scam?

Epik was working today when registering domains,
but doesn't work at the moment.

They may issue refund eventually, but usually they tend to issue refunds
only when there are lots of angry complaints about it, and even so,
they refund for part of registrations, not all.

Why can't they fix themselves permanently.
They allow an evil person to stay there.

Buyers: don't worry, you can buy aftermarket domains there safely.
(just check that you got the domain, if not (unlikely), do chargeback))
Only sellers need to be worried.
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Payments happen immediately, but go to our masterbucks balance ( not to our bank account).
You can't sell only at Epik and still make profit, because part of money needs to be out of their system.
Any landing page with contact info may work. Once you start negotiation you can make a deal and sell anywhere,
but I prefer selling at registrar level most of the time, because transfers happen instantly, no email exchanges and waiting, and worrying.
Yes, selling at the registrar has an advantage of their being able to handle the transfer efficiently. And having landers allowing direct contact with you makes a whole lot of sense. That allows added flexibility on negotiations and where the transaction is ultimately conducted.
Did things improve?