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Dont Register Domains with

Located in Domain Registrar Reviews, started by -Raja-, Sep 22, 2020


  1. -Raja-

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    i have been using namebright for domains since more than 5 years.

    Their interface isnt good as per todays standards. Their support is clueless on whats wrong with their interface.

    So, i had my mobile number changed 7 months ago and tried to update it at and it just wont update my mobile number. Everytime i try to update it says mobile number updated successfully and then again it shows my old number after i refresh the page. i tried contacting their support but couldnt get any reply and i got busy with few other things and forgot about updating.

    Now, few days ago i received an email from namebright that i have to verify my mobile or they will suspend my domains. But they still have my old mobile number on file and their interface still wont allow me to update my new mobile. Their support is not replying for my emails since 3 days and they suspended my domains today:
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