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Close NamePros Account
We can assist you with closing your NamePros account, but first there are a few things to cover so that it is clear what that will do and what it will not do. Also, please keep in mind that NamePros is the largest and most active domain community in the world; it's an asset to any domain investor’s arsenal of networking, sales, etc.

Here’s what would happen if we closed your account:
  • You will not be able to post or use the chatroom

  • You will not be able change certain information on your account (such as editing your past posts within the allotted time frames)

  • You may not be able to adjust settings on your account (such as privacy settings)

  • The data connected to your account (e.g., your posts) will not be hidden or removed

  • There will be a strike-through your username in all official places that it appears, e.g., John Doe

  • You will not be allowed to create or use any other accounts except paid Gold Accounts

  • You will have to contact us to request that we reopen your account if you decide to come back

Generally, closing an account doesn’t provide any benefits, and it may be easier to logout of your account instead, so that you can easily access and update your account whenever you choose, without having to wait for an account reinstatement.

We recommend simply logging out in case you need to use your account or update settings on it in the future. Before deciding, please also read the additional solutions that we offer, which may help to solve the reason you want to close your account.

Please contact support if we can assist.

Delete NamePros Account
For security reasons, we do not delete accounts at NamePros. As the largest free domain marketplace in the world, we have to combat a lot of fraud and troublemakers to uphold the integrity of our marketplace and the safety of our members. In order for us to do that effectively, we must keep complete and accurate user logs of the members on NamePros, which could assist us in investigations. For instance, if a troublemaker has ever interacted with your account, even if you never responded, that metadata could be helpful in an investigation.

Tip: Members are able to edit certain account information and content themselves.

While security reasons are the primary reason we cannot delete accounts, there are additional reasons that we’ll share with you to help provide a better understanding of our processes.

Deleted accounts could cause:
  • Discrepancies and inconsistencies in our databases, which could affect our ability to investigate matters related to the security and stability of our website.

  • An inability to enforce policies, such as: only one personal account is allowed per user. In the event that members forget and create a new account in the future, we’ll be able to easily detect that with their existing account and notify them.

  • Poor user experience.

  • SEO degradation due to content and/or pages disappearing.

  • An abundance of website errors (e.g., 404 - Page Not Found).

  • And many other reasons.
There are also several non-obvious issues that complicate the deletion of accounts. While this policy may be a minor inconvenience in some cases, it mitigates a variety of potentially serious issues, promotes transparency and accountability, and offers vital protections to members in certain situations.

Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

We also recommend that you read our list of alternative solutions that we offer, which may help to solve the reason you want to delete your account.

If you'd like to close your account, please read the Close NamePros Account section to fully understand what that will do and what it will not do.

We apologize if this causes any inconveniences.
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