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    Your NamePros account is an indispensable resource in the domain industry; it provides tremendous value to anyone serious about making money with domain names. Sometimes, situations can arise that appear to be best solved by closing or deleting your NamePros account. However, there is usually a better solution.

    Here is a list of options that may be helpful:
    1. If you’d like to control the privacy of your account or your information on NamePros, such as hiding your profile page from search engines, then you can do that under Account Privacy and Account Settings.

      Tip: You may also want to hide your online status (uncheck "Show your online status") or prevent others from seeing what page you're viewing (uncheck "Show your current activity") under Account Preferences.

    2. If you’re concerned about your posts showing up when others search for your username in search engines (e.g., Google), then you could change your username, which will update all of your previous posts on NamePros to your new username.

    3. If there are posts of yours that you'd like to edit, remove, or keep private, then you may edit your content within the allotted time limits or post in a private section. In the forum-based appraisal and marketplace sections, there isn't a time limit and you can edit your content (or request it) whenever.

    4. If any member(s) are violating the rules (e.g., harassing, antagonizing, or disrespecting you on NamePros), then please report them (e.g., their conduct or posts that violate the rules) to our customer support team.

    5. If there are member(s) behaving in a way or creating content on NamePros that you do not want to see for any reason (e.g., you disagree with their behavior or posts), then you may add their username(s) to your People You Ignore list to have all of their content disappear while you're logged in.

      Note: There is still an easy way to view posts of people you ignore by using the "Show Ignored Content" link whenever you want, such as in the marketplace, where it is sometimes necessary (e.g., to know if you were outbid in an auction).

    6. If you experienced a problem on NamePros that was not resolved to your satisfaction, then you may file a report with NamePros Management. In your report, please include all necessary details, relevant links, and be clear and concise.

    7. You can even disable your email notifications if that's your goal.

      Tip: You may also want to remove the check box from "and receive email notifications of replies" under Account Preferences. You can also manage your subscriptions to sections ("Watched Forums"), pages ("Watched Threads"), and tags ("Watched Tags") if you want to only receive website alerts without email notifications (or turn off all alerts).

    8. If you want to start fresh with a new NamePros account for any reason (e.g., privacy), then you may create a new account and upgrade all-but-one of your accounts to a Gold Account.

      Note: Members are allowed one free account (or one upgraded Blue Account) and an and an unlimited number of Gold accounts as long as all accounts are in good standing.

    We hope this information is helpful.

    If you need further assistance, please contact our customer support team.


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