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LuxAccs provides premium agent accounts with flexible conditions. Our goal is clear:
to deliver top-notch service while keeping costs as low as possible.

And remember, our expertise extends far beyond Facebook alone. Our agency boasts
a wide array of advertising tools at your disposal, from Google and TikTok to Engageya,
Bing, Bigo, and many more!

We partner with webmasters, affiliates and marketing specialists. We enable you to
promote offers from any sort of niche, including gray-hat ones.

Why Choose LuxAccs:
  • No restrictions: Enjoy the freedom to promote offers from any vertical without
    pre-moderation of creatives and links;

  • Quick start: Begin promoting within just an hour after renting our accounts;

  • Diverse traffic sources: Access a wide array of traffic sources, allowing you to
    utilize the platform you're most familiar with;

  • High trust: Our accounts are trusted by traffic sources, minimizing the risk of
    them getting blocked or running into restrictions;

  • Limits: The perfect choice for teams with budgets of over $10,000. Limits
    ranging from $250 to infinity;

  • Balance: Your funds are not held by us and can be withdrawn at any time. We
    guarantee the safety of your funds even in the event of an account ban;

  • Personalized support: Our dedicated technical support team is on hand to
    address any inquiries and assist you in selecting a rental plan. Additionally,
    you can opt for a customized package tailored to your specific needs.
Start your journey with LuxAccs and get the best possible promotion conditions!

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Hey there, LuxAccs here!

Today, we're diving into the world of agent accounts and how they stand out from
your regular advertising setups.

Let’s jump right in!

Agent accounts represent corporations, entrepreneurs, and other legal entities,
boasting elevated trust levels and enhanced functionality compared to personal

Here's a breakdown of why agent accounts are a cut above:
  • Trust: Traffic sources hold them in high regard due to their legal entity ties.
    LuxAccs provides access to reputable sources like Facebook, Google, Bing,
    Engageya, Taboola, Outbrain, Bigo Ads, and Dv360, with added MSN traffic
    from Microsoft renowned for its conversion rates;
Bing, Engageya, Taboola, Outbrain and Dv360 feature MSN traffic – traffic from
Microsoft renowned for its conversion rates!

  • Priority moderation: Agent accounts undergo expedited moderation processes,
    with certain networks occasionally bypassing checks due to their established

  • Account reinstatement: Should your account face suspension, our providers
    offer assistance in reinstating it;

  • Money back: In the event of an account ban, your promotional budget remains
    secure with our agency;

  • Expanded choice of GEOs: Agent accounts often offer a broader selection of
    geographic regions, along with exclusive user conditions.
However, it's essential to consider the following drawbacks:
  • Offer limitations: Some agencies prohibit specific niches and offers from being

  • Intermediary regulations: When leasing a pre-existing account, intermediaries
    may impose restrictions, such as commission deductions;

  • Limited suitability: Working with agent accounts can be costly, particularly if not
    utilized optimally or when operating with small traffic volumes.
Ready to explore agent accounts affordably? Reach out to LuxAccs! Our accounts boast
high trust levels and are free from promotion restrictions.

Contact us:


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Hey there, LuxAccs here!

Today, we're diving into the realm of agent accounts, exploring the various ways to
snag one and weighing up the options. Let's jump right in!

If you're looking to register your own agent account, here's what you'll need
to do:

  1. Register as a legal entity. You've got options here, but going solo as an
    individual entrepreneur is often the simplest route;

  2. Figure out the online registration process for agent accounts. Most networks
    will require some paperwork to verify your legal status;

  3. Sign up. Each network has its own registration process.
Keep in mind, however, that some networks have additional requirements. For
instance, to hop onto the FB bandwagon, you'll need an office in a supported country,
a track record of over $5,000 spent in the last 180 days, and more than 10 linked

Renting an account is the more simple option. Here’s the rundown:
  1. Find an offer. We at LuxAccs offer agent offices for rent, catering to all verticals
    and needs!

  2. Send the funds over and get to work. Besides being hassle-free, this method
    adds an extra layer of security—your funds are in safe hands, and we'll have
    your back in case of any bans.
There’s also another option – buying a reseller account. This grants you more
freedom, but tread carefully as scams lurk in these waters.

Renting is the optimal choice for affiliate marketing. No need to jump through legal
hoops after every ban — just keep the payments flowing to the intermediary and
things will keep running smoothly.

On the flip side, creating your own agency account is the move for true entrepreneurs.
Building your brand from your personal agent account offers a shield against
unnecessary risks.

For top-notch agent accounts at unbeatable prices, hit up LuxAccs! Our accounts
boast high trust and zero promotion restrictions!

Our contact info:


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Hey there, it’s LuxAccs!

Today, we'll delve into how advertising accounts can help you save money when
promoting offers.

Agent accounts play a key role in cost-saving, primarily due to reduced
moderation attention.
In practical terms, both moderators and search engine
bots tend to overlook verification issues more often when dealing with legal
entities, thereby building trust.

Here's how agent accounts can help you save:
  • Expendables. With fewer blocks, the need to purchase new accounts and
    proxies diminishes significantly;

  • Farming activities. Access to agent accounts reduces reliance on farmers
    within your team, as there are fewer blocks, not forcing you to warm up
    as many accounts;

  • GEOs. Agent accounts offer a broader selection of GEOs, enabling you to
    choose regions without advertising taxes. This leads to substantial savings,
    as taxes are often factored into campaign costs in many regions;

  • Risks. If an agent account gets blocked, you can demand a refund.
Moreover, while agent accounts may come with a higher price tag, the potential
for increased income more than compensates for maintenance costs.
is attributed to a wider range of GEOs, priority moderation, and other associated

To secure an agent account at a competitive price – contact LuxAccs! Our
accounts boast high trust levels, and we impose no restrictions when it comes
to promoting offers.

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Distinguishing Between RDP and Agent Accounts

Hey there, LuxAccs here!

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) accounts have been steadily gaining popularity in
recent months. Today, we'll delve into what they are and compare them with agent
accounts. Let's dive in!

RDP accounts are personalized profiles that operate through the remote access
protocol. The primary advantages of RDP over agent accounts include:
  • Price. With RDP, a monthly payment of $1,000 or more is typically sufficient
    for smooth operation;

  • No restrictions. RDP providers don't impose limitations regarding
    approaches, verticals, or offers.
However, LuxAccs also refrains from imposing restrictions on strategies, including
gray- and black-hat techniques, for its agent accounts.

On the flip side, RDP comes with its own set of drawbacks:
  • Trust. RDPs generally have lower trust levels compared to agent accounts,
    as agency accounts are registered to legal entities;

  • No exclusives. Advertising networks and affiliate marketing firms are less
    inclined to offer exclusive terms to those utilizing RDPs;

  • Lower spending threshold. The spending threshold when working with
    RDP typically starts from $250, which is considerably lower than that of agent
In summary, agent accounts are better suited for larger teams, whereas RDPs are
more suitable for smaller ones.

You can purchase an agent account without promotion restrictions at LuxAccs!
We provide high-trust accounts at competitive prices.

Our contact info:



Boosting Trust for Your Facebook Account

Hey there, LuxAccs here!

The level of trust Facebook places in your account impacts various aspects, such as
moderation speed, frequency of checks, and placement in advertising auctions. In
this post, we'll explore different strategies to enhance Facebook's trust in your
account. Let's dive in!

Here are some methods to increase your accounts’ trust levels:
  • Warming up accounts. Regular non-advertising activity helps warm up
    accounts, reducing the risk of suspension and increasing trust;

  • Complying with community rules. Adhering strictly to Facebook's
    advertising policy and ensuring that creatives align with platform
    guidelines will enhance trust. You can review the advertising policy
    through this link;

  • Using unique promo materials. Avoid directly copying competitor
    bundles via spy services, as algorithms may flag such activity as

  • Employing WhitePage landings. When promoting gray-hat offers,
    make sure you have high-quality white-hat pages that resemble
    local business websites;

  • Linking to agent accounts. Connecting your account to agent
    accounts enhances trust, as they are registered under legal entities.
You can purchase an agent account without promotion restrictions at LuxAccs!
We provide high-trust accounts at competitive prices.

Our contact info:


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How Long Does an Agent Account Last, and Does LuxAccs Really Work with Any

What do affiliates pay attention to when it comes to choosing consumables for their

That’s right — durability and cost.

For money makers, account longevity is crucial because longer-lasting accounts
allow algorithms to better target the audience, leading to higher profits.

Which is why the main question we get from affiliates — how long does an agent
account last?

The answer is simple: 3-5 times a regular account.

White- and gray-hat verticals from these trusted accounts are rarely banned. In
case of any issues, the ad account can be replaced and the balance transferred.

Unlike many other services, we at LuxAccs work with all verticals, always
prioritizing the potential profit of our clients.

Partner up with LuxAccs and get the best promotion conditions!

Our contact info:



Which Verticals Require Agent Accounts – Full List

In which verticals are agent accounts a must have?

Basically, if you have the option to work through an agent account, you should always
do so.

And here’s why:
  • Faster moderation;

  • A low, near non-existent possibility of a ban;

  • The ability to promote both white- and gray-hat offers;

  • Convenient for teamwork.
But if we talk about specific niches, agent accounts are essential for:
  • White-hat ecommerce;

  • Nutra;

  • Adult (avoiding too explicit stuff);

  • Apps;

  • Gambling;

  • Crypto;

  • Sweepstakes;

  • Educational offers;

  • Games.
Partner up with LuxAccs and get the best promotion conditions!

Our contact info:



Hey there, LuxAccs here!

Today, we'll discuss which offers are best promoted through agent accounts.

Let's get started!

In most verticals, offers are categorized by "colors":
White-hat – allowed by both the law and advertising networks. Gray-hat – technically
legal but ad networks don’t work with them. Black-hat – banned by both the law and
ad networks.

Here's a breakdown of each type for agent accounts:
  • White-hat. Most webmasters use agent accounts to promote white-hat offers.
    Due to high competition for white-hat traffic, agent accounts are essential
    as they increase your chances of winning ad auctions. Additionally, with
    white-hat offers, you can run campaigns continuously without being blocked;

  • Gray-hat. Gray-hat offers are generally off-limits for affiliated renting agent
    accounts. However, competition for gray-hate traffic is much lower. With a
    well-executed strategy, you can secure high traffic volumes and substantial
    income. Some verticals, like gambling, sweepstakes, and nutra, consist
    primarily of gray-hat offers;

  • Black-hat. Almost all agent account owners prohibit working with black-hat
    offers since they are designed to deceive people. However, due to nearly
    non-existent competition and high payouts, these can yield significant profits.
When choosing offers for your agent account, we recommend sticking to white-hat
offers. Despite the high competition, advertisers often set high payouts for clean
white-hat traffic.

Interested in working with gray-hat traffic via agent accounts? Reach out
LuxAccs! Our accounts are highly trusted, and we don't impose any
promotion-related restrictions.

Our contact info:


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How to Create an Agent Account and Why You Might Need One

Hey there, LuxAccs here!
Today, we’ll discuss how to create an agent account and who might benefit from
having one.

Let’s dive in!

To create an agent account, you need to:
  1. Register a legal entity. The average cost for this is $2,000–$5,000, and it
    typically takes 2-3 weeks in most countries;

  2. Establish a $5,000 agency turnover. Your agency must generate at least
    $5,000 within 180 days to qualify for an account;

  3. Set up an office. The main office must match the country the account
    was registered in. Office rental costs in central areas of major cities
    average $1,000-2,000 per square meter;

  4. Apply to Meta Business Partners. The waiting time for approval ranges
    from several days to several weeks.
If you don’t have a legal entity license or an office in a Gulf country, the
registration process can be very expensive. Setting up an agent account manually
is typically only feasible for large teams and entrepreneurs.

Not enough funds to set up an account? Contact LuxAccs! Our accounts are
highly trusted and affordably priced!

Our contact info:



Source Review: DV360

Hey there, LuxAccs here!
Today, we'll be discussing a traffic source known as DV360. In this review, you'll learn
about the platform's features and capabilities. Let's get started!

DV360 is a platform designed for setting up ad campaigns in Google Ads and
other sources.
It offers extensive options for setting up campaigns, selecting
placements, formats, and audience segmentation. The average ROI is 25-40%, and
the CPC in Tier 1 GEOs is $20-25, making it suitable for any white-hat vertical.

The platform integrates two promotion methods: Google Ads and DV360. Here
are some key differences between these methods:
  • Targeting. Google Ads allows you to set up targets using only your own
    data. DV360, on the other hand, also uses third-party data for better user

  • Coverage. DV360 has access to multiple exchanges, whereas Google Ads
    works only with its own display network;

  • Formats. Google Ads supports video, image, and text creatives. DV360
    does not support text ads but allows for audio creatives;

  • Purchasing ads. DV360 provides more advanced settings for automatic
    advertising purchasing compared to Google Ads;

  • Video creatives. Both methods allow you to purchase advertising on
    YouTube. Google Ads offers broader ad settings within YouTube, while
    DV360 enables video advertising on 35 different sources.
DV360 is a highly promising platform with a variety of settings. You can launch
classic campaigns in Google Ads and set up campaigns from equally popular
sources within the DV360 network.

Interested in getting a DV360 agent account? Contact LuxAccs!
We do not impose restrictions on promotion, and our accounts boast high
trust levels.

Our contact info:



Source Review: Taboola

Hey there, LuxAccs here!
Today, we’re covering the traffic source Taboola. In this review, you’ll learn all about
the platform’s features. Let's get started.

Taboola is a native ad network with an average ROI of 30-40% and a CPC in Tier 1
countries of $15-20. It’s suitable for e-commerce, finance, and mobile apps. Here
are some key features of the platform:
  • Access to top-tier websites. Taboola promotes offers on the top 3,500 sites
    according to comscore;

  • Audience engagement. Ads are embedded at the end of news articles,
    ensuring users see your ad only after engaging with the content;

  • Low competition. Taboola works with many small traffic sources, resulting
    in minimal competition in the ad auction;

  • Personalized recommendation. Users on Taboola partner sites see ads
    related to the content they’re reading or have read on other partner sites.
Taboola allows you to promote personalized native ads. The platform is highly
promising due to its access to top-tier news sites and low competition levels.

Interested in getting a Taboola agent account? Reach out to LuxAccs!
Our accounts boast high trust levels, and we don’t impose restrictions on your

Our contact info:



Source review: Bigo Ads

Hey there, LuxAccs here!
Today, we're diving into the Bigo Ads advertising network. In this overview, you’ll
discover all the key features and benefits of this platform. Let’s get started!

Bigo Ads is an ad network that’s tailored to working with mobile audiences.
Average ROI – 35-50%, the CPC varies based on several factors, suitable for promoting
mobile apps, beauty products and financial offers. Here are some standout features
of Bigo Ads:
  • Extensive user base. Over 400 million active users worldwide;

  • Two traffic sources. Bigo draws traffic from two sources – Likee and Imo, each
    with about 200 million active users across various GEOs;

  • Unique ad formats. The ad formats differ depending on the traffic source.
    Noticeable ad types include videos, interactive ads and others;

  • Moderation. The mods greenlight almost all verticals, including gambling,
    crypto and dating;

  • Targeting. Advertisers can target audiences by interests, location, age, gender,
    and more.
Bigo Ads stands out as a promising advertising network, ideal for promoting a wide
range of categories. Its strengths include a vast audience, multiple traffic sources, and
detailed targeting options.

Want to get a Bigo Ads agent account? Reach out to LuxAccs!
Our accounts boast high trust levels and we impose no restrictions on the campaigns
you launch.

Our contact info:


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