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Terms of Service

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The providers ("we", "us", "our", "NamePros") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts ("Content"). Content submitted express the views of their author only.

Content on NamePros is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for individualized advice from a qualified legal practitioner. Communications on NamePros are not privileged communications and do not create an attorney-client relationship.

You agree to take full responsibility for all Content you submit to the Service. You agree to assume any losses and/or liabilities that result from your Content.

Users marked as NamePros "Staff" are mostly volunteers. Content and opinions from volunteer Staff are their own, not those of the providers. They take full responsibility for their own Content. This includes, for example, Moderators, but does not include employees that are actively paid for being an employee.

You understand that we are not a publisher of Content on our forums. We do not moderate most Content. There are thousands of new posts every day posted on NamePros. If a post is not reported to us, then we most likely will never see it.

You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content that is abusive, unlawfully defamatory, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content (except in explicitly designated areas), contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws.

We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our sole discretion.

You agree not to hold us liable for any loss that may result from the use of the Service. Sellers, re-sellers, and buyers’ liabilities regarding items or services are their respective responsibilities and absolve NamePros of any liability.

We reserve the right to reclaim usernames from inactive accounts that have not been accessed for prolonged periods of time (more than 24 months) and reclaimed usernames may be released for availability to the community.

We reserve the right to revoke or repurpose an account's username at any time.

We reserve the right to take action against any account or user within the Service at any time for any reason. This may include restricting or banning the account and/or user.

You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

You agree to follow all rules and guidelines posted by authorized NamePros representatives, as interpreted by NamePros. All official rules apply throughout NamePros, even when not readily displayed. This includes refraining from any effort to circumvent the rules, terms, or automated systems of this website. Whether any activity is in violation of a rule or guideline is at the sole discretion of NamePros. All Users are expected to follow the rules, but NamePros cannot guarantee that they will do so. We do not guarantee that any rules will be enforced or how they will be enforced.

You agree to create only a single account. This includes banned accounts, accounts created on behalf of business entities, and any other account that may be created by a single entity. An exception is made for accounts with active Business Membership subscriptions that are in good standing, at the sole discretion of NamePros.

User accounts are for exclusive use by the individual or entity that created the account; they are not "owned" by anyone. You agree to not license, transfer, sell, or assign your user account without written approval from NamePros Management. You are responsible for your password and the activity that occurs through your account. User accounts may not be used by multiple people without written approval from NamePros Management. With the exception of people or businesses that are expressly authorized to create accounts on behalf of their employers or clients, the creation of an account for anyone other than yourself is prohibited.

You agree not to use Tor, a VPN, SOCKS, or any other proxying mechanism ("proxy") that masks your computer's identity on the Internet ("IP address") unless such a proxy is necessary to access the Service. If you require the use of a proxy for another reason, you agree to obtain written permission from NamePros before posting any content via the proxy, and within 24 hours of your first use of the proxy to access NamePros. If the request is denied, or remains unanswered/indeterminate for more than 72 hours, you agree to cease using the proxy to access NamePros unless you are later granted written permission stating otherwise. Under no condition will you deny the use of a proxy if you are using or have used one, nor will you refuse to provide accurate information in a timely fashion about the proxy, when the proxy was used, or your real IP address, when asked for such information by NamePros staff, even if you have been granted written permission to use a proxy or must use a proxy to access the Service. Requests for permission to use a proxy should be e-mailed to [email protected]. Users accessing the service from within Iran or mainland China are granted implicit permission to use proxies as necessary.

You agree to allow us to track your usage of the Service in an effort to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities. You will not attempt to impede, evade, or mislead our abuse-oriented tracking. This includes actions such as clearing cookies or your browser cache to clear tracking information. By creating an account, logging into an account, and/or using this Service as a registered user, you grant us irrevocable permission to use tracking methods resilient to obstruction ("Persistent Tracking"); this may involve storing information ("Persistent Tracking Information") on your computer that is difficult to view and/or remove. Persistent Tracking is used to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities; it is not used for marketing or demographics, and information obtained through Persistent Tracking is governed by our Privacy Policy. Information obtained through Persistent Tracking will not be sold to third parties and will only be released to third parties as necessary to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities. Examples of Persistent Tracking methods include ETag pseudo-cookies and Flash-based local storage objects (LSOs). If you object to Persistent Tracking for the prevention of fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities, you must not use the Service as a registered user. NamePros may interpret attempts to hinder the effectiveness of Persistent Tracking as malicious activity and/or intent to defraud.

You may not make unauthorized use of, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute copies of NamePros copyrights, trademarks or any confusingly similar marks, design rights, patents, or other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) including, but not limited to NamePros graphics, text, website compilation, photographs, images, software, code, video, audio, and advertisements supplied by us or our licensors, except when granted written permission by the NamePros Managing Director. This does not apply to user-generated content as long as proper citation and judicious restraint is used.

You agree that you are at least 13 years of age at the time of creating your account and at least 18 years of age when using the marketplace.

You agree that all of your registration information is accurate when you created your account and that you will maintain the accuracy of such information.

These Terms of Service supersede all past and existing agreements. We may change these terms at any time without explicit notice. Your use of this website after modifications to these terms constitutes that you agree to them.

You agree to abide by all international and federal regulations in the United States. Your region may enforce additional restrictions that apply to your use of the Service.

If any portion(s) or clause(s) of these terms is/are deemed invalid or unenforceable, then those portion(s) or clause(s) will be updated in accordance with the tenor of the terms, and to the reasonable extent necessary for enforceability. If no such change is possible, then those portion(s) or clause(s) shall be severed and the remaining portion(s) and clause(s) of these terms will remain in effect and enforced.

If you do not agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, do not register or use this Service.

Privacy Information

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NamePros Privacy Policy

All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential. Deleted Content is still visible to some staff members.

We make a reasonable effort to ensure the integrity and intended privacy of Content. However, We cannot guarantee that private Content will not be accessed by unauthorized users. This Service is not confidential: do not submit or upload Content that must remain confidential.

Our Service utilizes various data ("Data") collection methods to generate analytical information, track problems and errors, monitor hardware and software infrastructure, provide personalized advertising, and/or prevent malicious activity. Reputable third-party entities ("Data Collectors") assist in some Data collection. Not all Data is anonymous. Data Collectors have strict privacy policies. Access to Data is restricted to select staff. IP addresses used to submit or upload Content are available to most staff; sensitive Data, such as contact information, is more restricted.

We do not directly disclose personal information to third parties without opt-in consent, except as necessary to provide the Service. For example, e-mail addresses may be disclosed to a third party in order to efficiently and effectively send e-mails. We treat such third parties as Data Collectors, as they may have access to some Data.

Integrity of personal information is the responsibility of the end user ("User"). Users can view, edit, and remove their own personal information using the Service. We are not responsible for unauthorized access to and/or manipulation of personal information, though we take reasonable measures to prevent and detect such occurrences. Other Data, such as IP address and routing history, cannot usually be viewed, edited or removed by Users. Users who have been banned or otherwise barred from accessing the Service may request that any Personally Identifiable Information be removed by emailing [email protected]

We reserve the right to release information about a User in the event that User or an entity that the User represents is found to have been conducting/aiding, or be planning to conduct/aid, illegal activities, fraudulent activities, and/or unethical business practices at our sole discretion. This information may be released in a variety of manners, including (but not limited to): to law enforcement, published publicly as a cautionary measure, or shared with select entities who may be at risk.

You agree to ensure the integrity of any encryption implementations ("Encryption") that the Service employs, including HTTPS (HTTP over SSL or TLS). You must not undermine the Encryption or allow third parties to intercept unencrypted communications with the Service. If regional laws and/or organizations prevent you from using Encryption, you must not use the Service. You must not allow proxying servers to decrypt communications with the Service.

You agree to allow us to track your usage of the Service in an effort to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities. You will not attempt to impede, evade, or mislead our abuse-oriented tracking. This includes actions such as clearing cookies or your browser cache to clear tracking information. By creating an account, logging into an account, and/or using this Service as a registered user, you grant us irrevocable permission to use tracking methods resilient to obstruction ("Persistent Tracking"); this may involve storing information ("Persistent Tracking Information") on your computer that is difficult to view and/or remove. Persistent Tracking is used to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities; it is not used for marketing or demographics, and information obtained through Persistent Tracking is governed by our Privacy Policy. Information obtained through Persistent Tracking will not be sold to third parties and will only be released to third parties as necessary to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities. Examples of Persistent Tracking methods include ETag pseudo-cookies and Flash-based local storage objects (LSOs). If you object to Persistent Tracking for the prevention of fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities, you must not use the Service as a registered user. NamePros may interpret attempts to hinder the effectiveness of Persistent Tracking as malicious activity and/or intent to defraud.

This Privacy Policy may change without explicit notice.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, the privacy policy of each Data Collector, and the other information in this document, do not register or use this Service.

Data Collectors' Privacy Policies

This list may not be exhaustive.

Note that many of these policies apply primarily to NamePros, not Users. They are referenced here because they often contain clauses that are of interest to Users. NamePros does not knowingly share non-public Personally Identifiable Information with third-party Data Collectors that do not require such information. Data Collectors known to require Personally Identifiable Information from Users are marked with an asterisk (*).

Most Data Collectors can inadvertently receive and process Personally Identifiable Information if instructed to do so by a User. For example, if a User posts their address on the Website, publicly or privately, CloudFlare will necessarily be involved in the relaying of that address.

Several Data Collectors may attempt to retrieve public information associated with an internet alias (username, email address, IP address, etc.).

About Individual Data Collectors


NamePros uses its own services and those of its hosting provider(s) to collect information about requests that reach its network. This data is typically very technical and focused on how our network handled the requests, rather than on the user. As we often use this data to troubleshoot specific problems, not all of this data is anonymous; identifiable data typically includes some combination of IP addresses, usernames, and rough geographic approximations. Access to this information is heavily restricted.

Additionally, NamePros stores information that its users opt to provide on our website. Such information often includes e-mail addresses, websites, genders, and ages. Users have the ability to view and modify this information by logging into their respective accounts. NamePros maintains a log of certain modifications that is used to identify attempted abuse of its services; this log is not visible to users. Users have industry-standard control over the privacy of the information that they provide. Information deemed sensitive or marked as private is only visible to certain staff members.

NamePros may opt to use Persistent Tracking to prevent fraud, abuse, and/or illegal activities. Persistent Tracking is described in the Terms of Service and main Privacy Policy. Notable Persistent Tracking methods that may be employed include ETag pseudo-cookies and Flash-based local storage objects (LSOs).


Since NamePros has a geographically diverse userbase, our edge network is very important. CloudFlare provides a functionally rich edge network that allows for much speedier page load times than we could offer on our own. To do this, CloudFlare caches parts of the NamePros website on various servers throughout the world. If your browser requests a URL that is cached at a CloudFlare datacenter near your location, you'll receive a speedy response. Other requests are routed though CloudFlare's fast network until it reaches NamePros' own network.

As our edge network, CloudFlare is part of our infrastructure; we work very hard to ensure that our entire system stays online. In order to do this, we need a lot of information about how requests are traveling from your computer to our servers and what happens when they get there. CloudFlare logs a significant amount of technical information to ensure that its services are working as intended. Much of this data only persists for a few hours; NamePros does not have direct access to this data. CloudFlare exposes some persistent data to the NamePros team in charge of networking. This data typically includes broad statistics and details about suspected abuse attempts. Abuse information often includes IP addresses and browser versions. As this data is necessary in order to provide services, users cannot opt out of such data collection. None of the data directly identifies users.


NamePros utilizes SendGrid to send transactional e-mails. SendGrid maintains a log of e-mails and their status. At this time, we do not typically send information in e-mails that staff cannot otherwise access, and user-specific content is kept to a minimum. SendGrid logs minimal information and does not retain email contents to the best of NamePros' knowledge.

Mandrill (legacy)

Mandrill merged into MailChimp in the first half of 2016. As a result, NamePros is discontinuing use of Mandrill/MailChimp. This information remains as it may apply to past events.

NamePros utilizes Mandrill to send transactional e-mails. Mandrill maintains a log of emails and their status. At this time, we do not typically send information in emails that staff cannot otherwise access, and user-specific content is kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, access to the log is restricted to staff who require it.


Our services integrate with Google Analytics to collect heavily-anonymized statistics about our users. It allows us to observe trends, such as which browsers are most often used to visit our website, common traffic flow patterns as users enter, browse, and leave the website, and much more. When there aren't enough data points to ensure anonymity, Google excludes any statistics that could be used to obtain an identity. Google Analytics is a reputable, industry-standard tool used on a large number of websites.

In addition to the basic Google Analytics services, NamePros has opted to enable a single feature of Google Analytics Display Advertising. Analytics Display Advertising is a service that integrates Google Analytics with Google's DoubleClick ad network technology. In our case, the primary purpose is to provide more information for Google Analytics, particularly demographics and interest reporting.

It's important to note the primary difference between standard Google Analytics and DoubleClick, which powers Google Analytics Display Advertising. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies: this allows visitors to be tracked, but not beyond a single domain. DoubleClick uses third-party cookies, which can aid the tracking of users across domains. These cookies do not contain information about users: they are identifiers that Google Analytics and DoubleClick use to track a single user while keeping that user anonymous. NamePros uses DoubleClick in addition to standard Google Analytics specifically for the purpose of demographics and interest reporting. We do not attempt to link any of this additional data to individual, identifiable users.

In additional to NamePros' own use of Google Analytics and DoubleClick, NamePros also permits some of its advertiers to track their ads using DoubleClick's services. Anyone who views a DoubleClick-enabled ad may be tracked by the respective advertiser via DoubleClick. NamePros expects that both Google (DoubleClick) and its advertisers will protect any information they obtain through this system. If you suspect this system is being abused, please contact us immediately.

Google offers the ability to opt out of DoubleClick's tracking. To do so, follow Google's instructions to opt out of interest-based ads: It's also possible to opt out of standard Google Analytics data collection:


Quantcast collects a vast amount of statistical information from a wide variety of sources. Much of this data is public, and can be queried for most popular websites. NamePros has opted to explicitly implement Quantcast's service; this leads to more accurate statistics gathering. However, it does mean that Quantcast is collecting some data directly from users. Quantcast uses this data per its privacy policy, linked above. Quantcast communicates the data to NamePros in the form of broad statistics and trends, such as general demographics. As with many other sites for which Quantcast gathers data, most of this information is publicly accessible via Quantcast's website:

Users can opt out of Quantcast's direct data collection: Quantcast's indirect data collection methods may still gather generic data about users who have opted out, but no direct tracking will be performed. See the aforementioned URL for details.


Stripe processes ACH payments on behalf of NamePros. Some information that you provide is stored by Stripe and accessible to NamePros for billing and technical support purposes, as well as fraud prevention. Full credit card numbers are not accessible and do not reach the NamePros network. See Payment Processing for details, including additional policy information.

In order to function, Stripe requires the use of Personally Identifiable Information. Email address, username, and subscription status are provided by NamePros; Personally Identifiable Information must be provided directly by the User. The information is sent directly from the User's browser to Stripe, without being


PayPal processes various types of electronic payments on behalf of NamePros. When payments occur, PayPal provides NamePros with some of the information that it has stored. Such information typically includes person or business name, email address, and sometimes telephone number. NamePros may use this information for billing and technical support purposes, as well as fraud prevention.

In order to function, PayPal requires the use of Personally Identifiable Information. This information must by entered by the User directly on the PayPal website.

New Relic

New Relic provides a combination of services that NamePros uses to monitor its servers, applications, and the experiences of its users. The information gathered is, to the best of NamePros' knowledge, anonymous. Data gathered from web browsers is low-level and typically includes details such as how long a page took to load and whether any errors were encountered. NamePros uses this data to detect degradations in its services and to aid in the optimization of new and existing services.


Datadog provides low-level server and service monitoring tools that NamePros uses to ensure the reliability and integrity of its infrastructure. Personally identifiable information is not normally gathered by this system, but it may inadvertently be logged in some rare cases, such as while analyzing diagnostic logs after an error has occurred. Aggregate metrics about the usage of NamePros' services is also logged, but is typically indexed by server and application, rather than by user. (For example, Datadog may record how many requests a server has received from all users in a certain time period.)


Intercom provides a variety of products that we use to offer customer service and support. We provide Intercom with information about each user account, including username, email, and various metadata. Intercom uses this information to provide customer support channels. Some of Intercom's products are aimed at marketing/engagement, but this is not our focus with the use of their services. As an example usage, Intercom allows us to organize and delegate email communications with a user who may require technical support to access our website.

To give us a better picture of our userbase, Intercom is capable of pulling basic social networking information about users based on the email addresses associated with their accounts. To the best of our knowledge, this information is publicly accessible, and does not reveal private information about any users. Intercom explains how this works on their website. It utilizes a third-party API by FullContact. Intercom is responsible for security and privacy agreements between itself and FullContact. As of 2015-10-06, we are still evaluating this feature and have not yet decided whether it is appropriate for our community.


Some of our advertisers request to track clicks and/or views of their ads through an analytics service such as DoubleClick. (DoubleClick is a brand of services operated by Google; our relationship with them is covered in the Google section.) Once data has been collected by the analytics service, it can be accessed by the specific advertiser implementing the service. At that point, protection and responsible utilization of the data is up to the advertiser.

For your reference, we maintain a list of advertisers that log views of their ads on NamePros. The list documents relevant advertisers as far back as 2016.

Current advertisers:

Past advertisers (2016 to present):

  • (None)

Other Third Parties

As with any Internet service, information can, in theory, be intercepted by unknown third-parties through whom that information is traveling. Depending on regional laws and regulations, your use of NamePros services may be subject to interception by organizations such as ISPs and governments. To mitigate the possibility of passive interception, NamePros attempts to encrypt traffic between your computer and our servers, even within our own network. This encryption, colloquially referred to as SSL, provides an industry-standard guarantee that your communication with NamePros services cannot be decrypted by intermediary parties.

NamePros cannot make an absolute guarantee that your data will not be intercepted. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure the security of their respective connections and browsers.

Return and Refund Policy

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Digital purchases from NamePros are not physical items and therefore cannot be returned.

All purchases from NamePros are non-refundable but may be refunded at our sole discretion. You can request a refund by visiting our Contact Us page.

Subscriptions for upgraded accounts can be cancelled by subscribers at any time by visiting Account Upgrades.

Payment Processing

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NamePros uses a third party payment processor, Stripe™ (, for all credit card purchases and subscriptions. Stripe accepts most major credit cards from anywhere in the world. Stripe is PCI/PCI-DSS Compliant, utilizes CVC verification technology, and safeguards your data with the latest protection technologies. NamePros does not store your financial information. Stripe handles all of your financial data in a secure manner on behalf of NamePros. Be sure to review Stripe's Privacy Policy ( to learn how they keep your personal data safe and secure.

NamePros will provide you with customer service to resolve any issues relating to your payment transactions of products and services offered by NamePros.

Stripe is solely responsible for protecting all data in their possession. Stripe will maintain commercially reasonable administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect all of the personal information regarding your purchase transaction(s) that are stored on their servers from unauthorized access and accidental loss or modification.

Stripe will only process card transactions that have been authorized by the applicable Card Network or card issuer. Stripe may add or remove one or more types of cards as a supported payment card type at any time.

Stripe reserves the right to not authorize or settle any transaction you submit which they believe is in violation of this Agreement, any other Stripe agreement, or exposes you, other Stripe users, NamePros users, NamePros, Stripe's processors or Stripe to harm, including but not limited to fraud and other criminal acts. You are hereby granting NamePros and Stripe authorization to share information with law enforcement about you, your transactions, or your account if they reasonably suspect that your use of Stripe through NamePros has been for an unauthorized, illegal, or criminal purpose.

You are responsible for paying for each subscription billing period in advance. Chargebacks, disputes, inaccurate information, fraud, or other billing difficulties may result in your forum account being banned or suspended, at our sole discretion. If access to your account is revoked for any reason, you will not be refunded.

As our users come from a wide range of geographical regions with varying types of technology, we do not guarantee accessibility or uptime. We will do our best to provide a reasonable degree of technical support at our discretion. To ensure that you retain full access to the site, we recommend that you only use up-to-date web browsers and operating systems (


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NamePros is an industry leader when it comes to protecting your privacy and information. Our hope is that by setting a good example, we will encourage other businesses to follow in our footsteps. We offer various state-of-the-art security features, including:

  • HTTPS: We enforce a secure web connection between you and our servers. Users who attempt to connect over insecure HTTP will be redirected to a secure URL.
  • Insecure SSL versions are disabled: Typically, web browsers don't use SSL; they use its successor, TLS, instead. All versions of SSL are broken and insecure, so we only permit TLS connections. TLS works just like SSL, from the perspective of an end user so you shouldn't notice a difference. Web servers that support SSL at all—even if they also support TLS—are insecure and should not be trusted with personal information.
  • External content is proxied if insecure: When users post insecure images on our site, we cache them and serve them to you via a secure connection. This way, your browser won't give you any warnings about insecure content, any attackers will have a much harder time causing trouble, and websites hosting linked images won't be able to gather information about your browsing habits on NamePros.
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): Up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari will remember that our website enforces security for about 180 days. If a government or Internet Service Provider tries to trick your browser into using an insecure connection, compatible browsers will refuse and give you a warning. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not yet support HSTS. Safari only has support from OS X Mavericks onward. As of 2015-02-04
  • HSTS preloading: On January 20, 2015, we were added to Chromium's HSTS preload list. Once the changes make their way into the latest stable builds of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, those browsers will know to use a secure connection when contacting NamePros out-of-the-box. They will refuse to connect to NamePros in an insecure fashion, even on the first visit. This significantly increases security when browsing NamePros from locations susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, such as public Wi-Fi networks.
  • DMARC and DKIM: The e-mail protocol is largely anonymous: it is quite a simple matter to send an e-mail appearing to be from someone else. To mitigate this issue, we sign all of our e-mail messages per DKIM. On its own, this wouldn't prevent inauthentic messages; however, we combine it with strict DMARC policies understood by most major e-mail providers. When an e-mail appearing to be from is received by a participating provider, it is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is authentic. If it fails to pass a variety of tests, the provider will send us a report notifying us of attempted impersonation, and the e-mail will be declined. GoDaddy, NameCheap, and similar hosting providers do not appear to implement DMARC, as we do not receive regular reports from them. To ensure that the e-mails you are receiving are legitimate, please use an e-mail address hosted with a participating provider that values your security as much as we do. We've noted participation from Gmail/Google Apps, 365/Hotmail, FastMail, NetEase/网易/, Comcast, and Mail.Ru, along with a few smaller providers. We have also seen some participation from Yahoo, but it does not appear to cover all of their services.

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)

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We reserve the right to redistribute and/or publicize any communication regarding DMCA takedown requests, regardless of any confidentiality statements in documents, e-mails, or other communications. We do not agree to any confidentiality agreements in DMCA- and intellectual property-related communications, and are declining up front. Confidentiality notices in e-mails, letters, and other communications regarding such matters will not be honored. By communicating with us regarding any DMCA or intellectual property matters, you agree to forfeit confidentiality.

By contacting us about DMCA takedown requests, copyright infringement, and/or other intellectual property matters, you agree to forfeit all confidentiality, regardless of any notices requesting otherwise.

DMCA takedown requests should be sent to [email protected]. Requests sent elsewhere are still subject to the above terms.