Are you a MILLIONAIRE???

Located in General Domain Discussion started by BlackCatsAreNice, Jan 25, 2020.


  1. frank-germany

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  2. .X.

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    I think of my domain selling much like a person that sells at a flea market on weekends, I work a full time job of 40hrs a week, i have other investments, Land, I raise and sell Pygmy Goats, i am vested in a few websites, and domain names, straight selling domain names by far brings in least revenue per year as opposed to the rest, that is why i consider myself a domain name Collector - Hobbyist when it comes to straight out selling domain names. I get many many many offers monthly that i turn down for my domain names.

    But, i can say this, it was the sale of domain names that afforded me to start my family business in the musical instrument business, so domaining in essence lead me to higher grounds, It was NamePros that made it all happen essentually, i truly believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Point being, you can leverage other business opportunities from domaining by investing your domain profits elsewhere, all why continuing to enjoy the great domain name industry daily.
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  3. NameDeck

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    I have both. One of my cats is one annoying bugger! 18 years old but still fit enough to be hunting and leaving birds on the porch.

    But yeah, I'm more of a dog person although it's nice to see them cuddle up together at night on the couch :). It's a great reminder that no matter how different people are, if we want to make the effort, we can find it in our hart to peacefully live together.
  4. .X.

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    we seem to attract stray cats, and they multiply, we currently have around 20 stray cats that we feed, they stay under our back deck and underneath our house a lot, we have not one mouse, no snakes around our house, its a win - win , the cats get fed and have nice comfy places to sleep in return for keeping critters away from my house.

    I do go out and talk to the strays, we hang out on the deck from time to time, some go, new ones are born or stroll in, we have one i call dusty, he has been around the longest, around 10 years now. he kind of controls
    the rest of the pack so to speak.
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  5. Matt Morgan

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    Isn't there a Hip hip song which has similar lyrics, Money power success, it starts by saying a similar verse to above.
  6. bmugford

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    It seems like the majority of your threads are just some variation of attention seeking or trolling.

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  7. Lakshan

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    Yes, I'm a millionare. But unfortunatly, not in USD Just my local currency :)
  8. Riz M.

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    interesting.. i checked my portfolio with liquid values.
    if i will liquidate my domains then my domains worth def in low six figures..
    still far from million :)
  9. martbele

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    I already had a $1,000,000 portfolio value (BB appraisal & Published). Real sales were 1-2% of it, meaning something between 10k-20k/year with a total renewal cost of around $3,200 for 350 names. Brandable names are mostly not «liquid», but could be a good market long range if you let it go on cruise control and ready to pay for renewals. It is a good and huge market somewhat diluted now for small players.

    So, I think the most you get closer to liquid names with a real generic end user value, the better chance you have to get close to that million $ of asset under YOUR management.

    It is not a game of :
    • What you think it's worth.
    • Automatic appraisal apps.
    • What you want nor deserve.


    The game plan is to be and stay as objective as possible and don't fall in love with crappy stuff. Buy, sell and get profitable 100% of the time. Build real value..! We are as domainer the «Real Estate» of internet. We buy and sell «virtual land». Be attractive!
    • Direct traffic potential attraction
    • Simple, easy, short and meaningful names
    • Generic enduser market brings competition (supply & demand)
    • Rare & unique but valuable and attractive
    • Aesthetic domain
    • Find the right buyer
    • Be patient

    Work and keep learning, the market is alive and moving but not stupid.
  10. Arfy

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    I'm a thousandaire - how many thousands I can't reveal.
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  11. MapleDots

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    The thing about millionaires....

    They make their millions in relative silence, talking about it only brings out the relatives wanting a free handout.

  12. Abdullah Abdullah

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  13. cipcip

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    Another pointless thread...
  14. ThatNameGuy

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    The one thing I can share is, having been in business for myself for the last 50 years is that I've made millions and I've lost millions. My wife of 49 years has custody of most of our assets to include a home we built in 1977, and made several additions. I have very little in my choice besides a little over a thousand .com domains registered at Go Daddy and Epik, and valued at a little over 1.3M.

    I saw a huge opportunity when I learned about the domain industry two years ago, and while I've attracted a number of critics, I also have my fair share of allies. A new business model I'm developing is a result of my Pastor's comment Sunday, "True Wealth is what you Give Away". I can't tell you much more about it, but sufficeth to say, I'm planning on becoming a Domain Philanthropist in 2020. Some of my thinking and mindset comes from another industry that I worked in for 25 years, and that is, the majority of people are honest, and will do the right thing.

    Finally, although not everyone agrees with me, I see domaining as a game, and as such I think it's made for
    .tv for which I own the perfect domain. I'll leave you with this; "Smile for No Good"
  15. pjb1978

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    Money, Power, Respect :)

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