I Give Up! I am DONE!!!

Located in General Domain Discussion, started by BlackCatsAreNice, Jan 6, 2020


  1. BlackCatsAreNice

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    Domaining has not turned out to but what I thought it would. One or two sales a year is not gonna enough to feed the cats. The meow meow. Loves em.

    I have registered over a hundred domains. Good ones in my opinion. But the world is full of Cheapskates and only one Bill Gates and one Jeff Bezos.

    So I bid adieu to domaining and will only be developing my sites in 2020.

    Instead of selling to startups, I will be the startup.

    Believe me?
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  2. bmugford

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    Good domains sell over time. Maybe domaining just isn't for you.

    Best of luck in your other pursuits.

  3. bene

    bene Top Contributor VIP

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    Farewell mate.
    100 domain no good sales?
    Then you don't have good domains.
    Good luck
  4. wwwweb

    wwwweb Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Hey, I don't blame you the fundamentals have changed greatly, automated tools, and a few big players are dominating the market, and keep prices extremely high, in some cases domainers are paying more what potential end users are paying in auctions. You gave it a good try, and it is not easy, you have to strain your eyes for hours scouring over lists, you have to deal with deadbeat buyers, lowballers, time wasters etc... and on top of that you have to pay 15-30% commissions if you use an exchange. You really have to love the concept, and idea of domains, and e real estate, it has to not feel like work to you to start during modern times, and try to invest, and get a proper return 2-3 years out, it is very difficult.
  5. Brands.International

    Brands.International formerly lolwarrior VIP

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    There is nothing wrong with your decision imo.

    For 1 very succesful domain investors there are hundreds/thousands which are just loosing money.

    So at least you had this realisation very soon, after 1 year or so.

    GL with whatever you will do next :)
  6. namemarket

    namemarket Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Your sales are about as good or even better than average since widely accepted data reveals approx' 1 (1%) in 100 domains sell a year, so it can take 100 years to sell your 100 names!
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  7. Joe Nichols

    Joe Nichols Common sense consultant VIP

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    Maybe you just need to dig down and hit the ol' domaining books for a while to re-motivate yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge and head back out there with a super selective eye and a discerning pocket book.

    Either way, good luck in your future ventures!
  8. HSNZ

    HSNZ Established Member

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  9. IMEZI

    IMEZI Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    that would be GREAT!!!! i mean, less one competitor for me LOL
  10. johsun123

    johsun123 Established Member

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    Domaining is NOT like sure-shot powerball win.

    Some advisors here suggests only go for jackpot names.

    There are many prices much smaller, and more people win them frequently.
  11. MapleDots

    MapleDots Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    Took me 8 years to truly get my foot in the door and to actually be able to make a good living at it. I gave up once or twice near the beginning but ended up coming back. Domaining is addictive and don't be surprised if you find yourself dabbling every once in a while.

    @BlackCatsAreNice lean back, take a deep breath, think about what you could have done better and renew your top ten best domains. Chances are with time and experience you will eventually realize a sizeable sale.

    If not, enjoy your kitty cats, mine is a Russian Blue and is one of the gentlest creatures to ever walk the planet.
  12. BaileyUK

    BaileyUK Top Contributor VIP

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    Don't worry. At least you recognize domaining is not for you. You got to remember Domain dealing/trading is probably the most 'Self-delusional' game in town (even casino players are more honest about their losses) So Bravo for knowing when to get out

    As mentioned above it really does take a couple of years to find your feet in this game, Try to hold on to your best 5 or 10 domains and perhaps later in the year explore where things weren't working out. Trust me we all have learnt via expensive lessons, even the best guys.

    Another little tip if your leaving - look back on all the domains, when they have all dropped. Say 12 to 18 months later and see how many if any are re-registered. It's not a sure-fire indicator but it generally does show if what you were registering had any appeal. I'd be looking for a figure of at least 50%+ re-registered to think maybe you could still make a go of it. And if it's closer to 90% you definitely dropped the ball to early
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  13. Ariff BD

    Ariff BD Established Member

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    I think better than many domains to sell regular, you focus & keep an eye on new term & trends to hand register. & invest money there. I registered defi in es cctld when i found it. others i am selling around fifty usd so i made almost break evens. now i dont run to register anything
  14. mAd MaX

    mAd MaX Established Member

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    Pls name a single Industry where people become successful within an year!

    I bet we (100% NamePros members) will be into that industry to try our luck. 😁

    I would request you to pls check some videos of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos when they started out.

    If you have Good Names as you said, just renew and list those on sale and do your other gigs. Offers will be in your inbox eventually.
  15. johsun123

    johsun123 Established Member

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    Learning curve may vary for everyone.

    And don't define success only as getting 6 figures for a 10 bucks name. If your 10 bucks name gets sold for 50 bucks, that too is success for most.
  16. iKhalyfah

    iKhalyfah Restricted (Market)

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    @BlackCatsAreNice It would be interesting to know which types of Domain u deal with, brandable? Geos? Emd's?
    Maybe what u need is a break, re evaluate, find what u really want to focus on, then come back and give it a try one more time.
    Good luck thou!
  17. barman

    barman Top Contributor VIP

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  18. sharfab

    sharfab Established Member

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    Have fun with your a new business ventures.
  19. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    I am in my 3rd year now and have often wondered how many people have unofficially dropped domaining since that time. This is hard no doubt about that. My favorite line is I wish I got into this in 2000 whatever instead of 2017. 😂 People later to the game like us have to be scrappers.

    i like the idea of keeping your best names and taking a break to reassess. We have seen others do that. Sometimes they come back sometimes not. Its not for everyone and takes the patience of a saint and a whole lot of talent and money.
  20. Ja Kai

    Ja Kai Account Closed (Requested)

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    Sometimes the tide changes without notice. You never know.

    If you DM me one of your top three holdings, I will try to line up a buyer for you - commission free.
  21. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    The posts of yours that I’ve noticed advocate others’ selling domains that I’ve viewed as mediocre, at sky high levels so if you’re implementing this sort of lofty thinking for your own domains no wonder close to none are being sold. But, without knowing exactly what your portfolio is we can’t give this thread meaningful response.
  22. DanSanchez

    DanSanchez Brokerage & Acquisitions Staff VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Post your top domain, in your opinion. It may be your best candidate for dev if you truly want to go that route. I'm sure we can help you in that process of transition.

    I would add, domaining is mostly silent trading. You make your money when you BUY, not when you sell. Hand-regging is not the appropriate approach to acquiring good, sellable inventory.

    Like Sun Tzu says "every battle is won or lost, before it's ever fought."
  23. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Hi @BlackCatsAreNice and thank you for sharing your reflections with the community. You mention a sale or two, but not sure the portfolio size, so not sure what that means. If you have 25 domains and sold one for $$$$ that is probably doing better than industry average. If you have 1000 domains and sold one for low $$$ then not.

    I think too many people under-estimate how hard domain investing is. Not only do you need to learn and study lots of things, be analytical and logical, work hard, and more, even with all of that, it is no sure thing and often will be a long time between sales. Domain investing is not assured, easy or fast.

    As has been mentioned by others, probably most people in domain investing lose money. I suspect the industry average is near break even or slight loss, but because a small minority make good money that means that most will lose money. With wholesale prices going up in recent years, and with registries in new extensions keeping the best for themselves, and with caps off most extensions and increases in renewal rates for .com approved, it makes things even more challenging.

    Even models such as the one Paul Nicks presented at NamesCon 2019 showed that the break even point was after four years, and not significant monetary return until year 6 (this was for a domain investor buying in the expired auctions and selling at as I recall low/mid $$$$). There was eventually a good return, but many tens of thousands had been spent, and no return on time, in the years leading up to that.

    It is interesting that you mention domain development, as in compiling responses for the 2020 projections it seems to me that more people than in past are looking at that.

    The very best wishes for your future pursuits. It speaks well of the NamePros community that several have reached out to offer you assistance if desired.

  24. Almarri.Company

    Almarri.Company AZ.Company VIP

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    Don't give up @BlackCatsAreNice , Since you like the Cat :) i can give you Cat.Company as free if you like to hold it :) 0$ for you only :xf.grin: , Wish best of good luck for you & family .

    Al Marri
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  25. frank-germany

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