$310,000 failed attempt at re-branding

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    While participating in the re-branding process for the region of Virginia where I live, I ran into something I found very interesting. Our area/region that has a MSA of 1.7 Million people has been known as "Hampton Roads" for the last 35 years, but that's soon to change.

    One of several names being considered is SeVa that stands for Southeastern Virginia similar to the way NoVa stands for Northern Virginia, and OBX stands for the Outer Banks of NC. Doing what I refer to as due diligence, i go to my Namebio account and key in the letters "seva" and what should appear but,

    Domain Price Date Venue
    seva(.)com 310,000 USD 2018-07-15 Pvt Sale

    I think wow, someone must have wanted that name pretty bad to pay 310K for it last July. After doing a little more research I learn that a company named ConvertKit(.)com from Boise, Idaho bought the name. Seva(.)com. Next, I attempt to see if Seva(.)com is live, and it is, but with the following message from the CEO,

    "We listened. We learned. We have a new appreciation for the word seva and we won’t be changing our name after all. We’re sorry for our mistake."

    There's more to the CEO's message than just this, and you can check it out for yourself if interested. btw, for my region to re-brand itself to SeVa it's not necessary to own the .com or the .org for that matter. I just wanted to share an interesting story about a re-brand gone bad....and I hope something like this doesn't happen to you.
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